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"Delish" brand Bajan Hot Pepper Sauce

This is on the internet and can be ordered, but does anyone know of
any stores in Central Jersey where I can go and purchase this hot sauce?It is very good and I put it on everything.It is from Barbados.

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  1. I LOVE theis stuff, too!! It is funny, my girlfriend brings me back bottles of it every January when she is in Barbados. I love the stuff. I can't seem to find anything to replicate either. I wish I knew where to find it, too!!

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      As mentioned in the OP, it can be ordered online, but shipping may cost more than the hotsauce itself...



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        That's the only way I can get it too! We used to go to Barbados every year but now I have to hit up my jet setting friends to keep up my supply.

        I did call the company a few years back and even then the shipping costs were outrageous.

      2. You could try emailing them

        1. Matouk's sauce is available at ShopRite and Wegman's - they look similar, have you tried Matouk's?

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            Could not find Matouks in Wegmans. Will give Shop Rite a shot....

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              Matouks tastes nothing like Delish! Bajans and Trinis make their hot sauces different.

          2. On a side note, speaking of stuff you have to order online....

            If anyone is into grilling chicken, this stuff is amazing (the hot recipe!) I order it by the case LOL


            My grandfather turned me onto this when he picked up a bottle down in VA.

            1. I see it's on eBay.. not sure if it's a good deal or not.. I'm sure somebody is making a profit, but might be worth looking into.

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              1. Culpeppers Bajan Restaurant and some other vegetable stands/ groceries in Brooklyn usually sells it.If you are willing to drive.My family is from Barbados so I always have it on hand. I love all 3 flavors. Regular, cucumber and red!

                1. oh boy I do want the stuff but Brooklyn is a bit far from Monmouth county.

                  1. Best Of Barbados will ship you a box of twelve Delish, and the shipping costs equal the sauce cost(!) (about 50 bucks say), but what's that, in return for three or four years (your mileage may vary) of life being perfect?
                    Can I recommend the "red hot" version of Delish as well? It's just the right side of red hot that you can dip into it (a little) and it tastes sensational, and looooong, and non-vinegary -- my fave hot sauce ever, after decades of addiction (and making my own). Try six of one, and half a dozen of the other :-)