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Mar 26, 2013 09:35 AM

Frittata vs. Omelet - What's your opinion?

I posted a thread on "scrambled eggs vs omelet" and proclaimed a severe dislike for omelets. However, now that they for some reason have grown on me and I rarely make scrambled eggs I've thoughout about branching out in egg world. Similar to my bold declaration, that I hate omelets which apparently turned out to be false as most bold declarations are wont to do, I don't think I've met a frittata that I enjoy. Do you have a preference for omelet or frittata or choose one or the other at a particular time for any particular reason? Could a frittata be considered an open faced omelet?

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  1. I'm a Bud man and a frittata fan. Prefer 'em to omelettes because I always get the doneness just right. With oms, the periphery is usually cooked through, but the center is often a bit raw. I don't truck wit raw agues.

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    1. I make overly packed frittatas when I am feeding a crowd and omelettes to order.

      1. Frittatas were company food in my family, very hearty and elegant at the same time, esp ones made with the prized asparagus around Easter time. For us, it was more of a thick, crustless quiche with the ingredients fully incorporated, so not so much an open faced omelet.

        Omelets are an "any time" food for me.

        1. I like them both equally. Sometimes I'm in the mood for one; sometimes the other.

          1. I like frittatas. I make them in muffin pans for single servings and eat them for breakfast throughout the week. They freeze ok.

            I like the almost "breadlike" texture that they have. I like that they can seem decadent while still being fairly healthy.

            While I think eggs are disgusting cold as a general rule, frittatas - like quiches - are excepted from this rule. But they can be so much healthier than your average quiche!

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              I don't know much about egg dishes but this is because frittata doesn't have cream and/or milk like a quiche right? If you reheat the single serving frittatas, do you just pop them in the microwave?

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                I add half&half or cream to mine, although not anywhere near as much as a quiche. Just a dash.

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                  I sometimes add skim milk. And yeah, I pop them in the microwave when I reheat. just 1 minute.