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Mar 26, 2013 09:09 AM

So many wonderful restaurants, so little time!

My husband and I are traveling to Paris next month April 11-18 and I wanted to double check my food plans with the board and make sure I'm not missing anything or making any mistakes. So here's our plan (not all reservations are confirmed)
Thursday - late lunch at Les Papilles (no dinner plans in case we get too sleepy to enjoy)

Friday - Day trip to Chartres, dinner at Spring

Saturday - Lunch - la Robe et le Palais
Dinner - Agape Substance

Sunday - Lunch - no idea yet
Dinner - Dans les Landes

Monday - Lunch - Saturne
Dinner - Le Bel Canto (no choice here, it's a business dinner)

Tuesday - Lunch - L'Atlelier Saint Germain
Dinner - planned banquet for business, :(

Wedensday - Lunch - no idea yet
Dinner - Frenchie (I hope)

I'd love any thoughts, comments, ideas. I do have a couple of openings and am wide open to ideas.

Also if anyone knows of a 1 or 2 day cooking class I could take while I'm there that is actually of any value, I would be interested in information. Unfortunately my French is very rusty, so it would need to be English friendly. Any other food related sites/activities you could suggest would be appreciated.

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  1. oh, and yes, I have read lots of the previous posts regarding Parisian restaurants - that's how I got this list :)

    1. Re Agape Substance -- based on reviews here and elsewhere in Dec 2012, we crossed this off our list -- not sure if you've seen those. -- Jake

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        oh no! I hadn't seen those (there are so many reviews and comments, it's hard to keep up) - any other suggestions for Saturday night?

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          So we've changed Saturday night to L'Ami Jean (awaiting confirmation from our concierge)...that should fix the problem, yes?

        2. La Robe et Le Palais! I don't see that one mentioned much on the sites I visit. My husband and I had such a memorable dinner there, although it was quite some time ago. But I remember a fantastic calamari dish like it was yesterday - and friendly (and cute, but that's neither here nor there) service. Just a great, little neighborhood joint.

          So I'll be curious if French business banquets are as bad as they are in the U.S. Other than that, sounds like a great week. Enjoy!

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          1. re: VaPaula

            Thanks VaPaula - glad to hear another endorsement! It doesn't get a lot of mention, but everything I have read has been positive. I'll be sure to look for calamari and report back :)

          2. Over the years, I have taken a number of day classes (avocational) at Le Cordon Bleu. they are taught in French, but always have an excellent translator on hand. Caveat: I do have a degree from LCB also, so maybe I'm a bit biased, but I think folks get a lot out of them. I know I have.

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            1. re: ChefJune

              Thank you ChefJune - I was just thinking that I should look into LCB - now I will definitely do it!