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Mar 26, 2013 08:59 AM

NYT reviews: Coriander Larchmont, Fiamma Mamaroneck

With his/her usual ambiguity and confusing ratings vs. the actual review M.H. Reed does it again on Coriander on Larchmont Ave. I haven't been and after reading the review wasn't sure it was worth visiting yet he/she rated it "Very Good." Has anyone actually been to provide a more informed and sensible commentary?

On the other hand, Alice Gabriel's Very Good review of Fiamma was spot on. We frequent Fiamma and she got it right.

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  1. Since Coriendar in its two previous locations with different names seemed to have a good reputation I thought I would give it a try. However, the wine list on their website stalled any further interest. With Indian food I like a good Indian beer but since my companion doesn’t drink beer I usually have to opt out for a bottle of wine, Rose being a preference. Since the Times article said nothing about wine I checked the Coriander website and I must say I was a bit stunned.

    Go to the Coriander web site, click on the site map and then onto the drink menu where you get a list of wines that has three sections listed as, red, white and wine. The wine section amounts to an overlapping of the red and white lists which didn’t make a lot of sense. Prices range from a minimum of $85/btl to $300/btl which seemed rather strange and excessive.

    I matched the prices of some of their bottles at the retail website I tried my best to make a comparable assessment but I will admit that what I discovered might not be the exact wines listed by Coriander. However, the retail prices I found and the prices on the website should speak for themselves. I was able to check out three wines that seemed to have similar names.

    1. Napa Cellars, Pinot Noir, Napa Valley ’09, @ $150, (Coriander), @$27.99 for ‘07, $22.99 for ’08, $22.99 for ‘10 and $19.99 for ‘11
    2. Kris, Pinot Grigio, Veneto, Italy ’09, @ $125 (Coriander), @ $13.99 for ‘11
    3. Simonsig, Pinotage, South Africa ’05, @ $100, (Coriander), @$28.99 for 05 and $15.29 for 03

    Does anyone have any information on what appears on the website to be an outrageous priced wine list?

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      1. Haven;t been to Coriander, but we love Fiamma. Been there twice and the food was really good. Only downside to Fiamma is that the place is pretty cold in the winter, and with such a small place every time someone opened the door we all felt the cold air rush in..... but now that Spring is here, i highly recommend it!

        The wine list for Coriander sounds disappointing -- I see they removed it from their website (maybe after reading this review!) .... but the food prices are pretty steep .....

        1. Dulce de leche cheesecake at Coriander? What? Not that it's related, but Is that the next new trend, Indian-Argentine cuisine?

          Is Coromandel still decent?

          1. It would be nice to get a bit more information on Coriander. If anyone has been to this restaurant, I think there are some Chowhounders who would love to know what’s going on. Here is a new restaurant in a nice community like Larchmont that originated from previous locations where they had good reputations yet there have been only three responses to an original post and all the posts come from people that had not dined at the restaurant. If anyone has gone there could you please let us know what you think? Perhaps Coriander has experienced a bit of a turnoff since one Chowhound poster talked of high prices and an earlier post by me talked about the outrageous wine prices that are posted on their website. One poster did say that they appeared to have taken the wine list off their website but they have not done so. If anyone is interested in that wine listing, open up their website, go to the bottom of the first page on the right side where there is a section called customer service. The third listing under customer service is “site map”. Click on that and it brings up a list of options, one of which is “drink menu”. Click on that and scroll all the way to the bottom where you will see three wine categories with a whisky section in their midst. All the wines are all still there with the same outrageous prices. Coriander sounds like a nice addition to Larchmont but I think a few points have to be ironed out before trying. If there is anyone daring enough to go, please let us know?