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Sunburst Cafe

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My wife and I get to New York once a year or so, and this time we stumbled upon Sunburst Cafe, on 3rd Ave., between 18th and 19th Street on the East Side:


Though we spent some good money at a few places, the breakfast we had was truly the most satisfying meal we had over four days. I had the New Yorker (lox and bagel with eggs and outstanding red rosemary potatoes) and an excellent fruit and yogurt bowl, while my wife had a eggs Benedict with a perfect Hollandaise sauce and the aforementioned potatoes.

The servings were very large and the price was very reasonable - astounding really for the quality and portion size, and being in Manhattan. Decent service. The only complaint was that the tables are very close together, and small. But heck, if I lived in this neighborhood, I'd be here every day.

Just thought I'd share.

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  1. I work in the area and enjoy having lunch there. Soups are excellent, as are their egg and breakfast dishes. i always regarding Sunburst as one the those NYC hidden treasures.