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Mar 26, 2013 08:33 AM

Red Medicine Tweet

OK, so poor form not to at least call, but this strikes me as beneath what I thought was a classy restaurant. I'm guessing others may be cheering them on?

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  1. A bit tit for tat but, I can certainly understand the frustration on both the restaurant's side and the side of all of the potential patron's who were turned away. For every legit emergency, I'd imagine that there were 1,000s of douchbags who double, triple etc... booked or just didn't have the common courtesy to call and cancel for any number of other reasons.

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    1. re: JAB

      Thats what walk ins are for. A well managed restaurant should never have an empty table at a popular time because of a no show.

      1. re: jgilbert

        I doubt that, in that area at night, they are going to be getting a lot of potential walk-in traffic...

        1. re: Servorg

          Agree. RM does not get a lot of walk-ins. The RM tweet wont keep me from going back. Dont like the tactic, but dont like the failure to call and cancel even more. Of course its possible, that there was an emergency, so cant say for sure in this case, but as a general rule no excuse not to call.

    2. Big fan of the food at RM and them throwing out SIV.

      Not sure I agree with this move. Might just motivate a bunch of people to flood their reservation system and then not show.

      It would be easier just to flag no shows and not let them book prime time tables anymore after say 2-3 offenses.

      Most people probably lack the etiquette to cancel if they aren't going to show. Just because they don't know better.

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      1. re: Porthos

        After 2 or 3 offenses? Too nice!

        If I were them, I'd say you have one shot. You don't show once? You don't get in ever.

        I would have no problem with that.

        The cancel-er would simply have a friend make the reservation next time - which is fine. I love the idea someone says "You're going to have to call and make the reservation, they have my name and number and won't let me because I stood them up."

      2. I think it is very poor form not to call and cancel a reservation if you cant make it. However, I also think its easy enough to note the offending patron in the reservation system and decline future reservations, etc. I like RM a lot but think this move is bad form too.

        1. I won't patronize this restaurant again.

          1. While I don't agree with the tactic I'm sympathetic to RM. This won't stop me from going.