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Babka Bread in Somerville/Cambridge/Arlington area

Any one know where we can find Babka bread in the Somerville/Cambridge/Arlington area? Bonus points
if they also sell lamb shaped butter and placek.

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  1. I have seen babka at Whole Foods throughout the year, both the Medford and Fresh Pond locations.

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      The babka at WF is ok, but not great. I get all my babka from Green's bakery in New York. Quick delivery, good price, great babka. The folks I work with look forward to the Christmas season each year, when I bring loads of chocolate and cinnamon babka in for everyone.


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        They sell Green's at the Butcherie in Brookline.

        1. re: catsmeow

          Do you happen to know how much they charge for it?

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            No. Sorry. I've only bought it once there about a year ago but have seen that they still carry it more recently.

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              No worries, I'll check it out next time I'm in the neighborhood.

    2. Its outside your zone, but the only Polish-specific deli I know of in the area is Cafe Polonia on Dot Ave. Perhaps Berezka or Bazaar might, in Allston..

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        Cafe Polonia is lovely but it's a restaurant. You're probably thinking of Baltic European Deli (across the street from Cafe Polonia, and same owners).

        There's also Euromart, further down Dorchester Avenue, or D&J Market on Boston Street.

        I've definitely seen babka at Bazaar in Allston, and they have a pretty big bakery, but I don't think I've seen placek.

      2. Just on the border of your requested geographic zone, the Babka at International Bakery in Watertown (128 Arlington street) is very good.

        They sell it at Russo's too but you are more likely to pick up a warm loaf if you go the actual store.

        1. Doesn't Hi (p)Rise make a babka?

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            Yes, they do a cinnamon one, but I think only on Sundays. It's quite tasty, but I haven't had enough babkas to be any sort of authority.

          2. I am pretty sure that Iggy's by Fresh Pond sells a really close equivalent of placek but does not call it by the name - usually in tart cherry, cranberry-blueberry, and other flavors - whatever it is, it is really rich and delicious with loads of almond paste - no babka I am aware of available there...

            1. Mamadou's in Winchester sells Babka. I'm not sure how authentic it is but it is quite tasty.

              1. Here's a link to a Globe article about the babka from the International Bakery in Watertown. I know I've seen it for sale at Wilson Farm in Lexington, but haven't tried it.


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                  Prompted by this thread I just bought an apple Babka from International. I'll report back tomorrow on whether it is tasty.

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                    Well here is the report on International's Babka. Very nice product, reasonably priced, but not really what I look for in a Babka. Short version, just not enough stuff inside. I want an apple babka stuffed with apples, cinnamon, and buttery sugary good. This was more of a twisty brioche with a hint of apple and cinnamon here and there. My SO liked it a lot, but she prefers less sweet stuff than I do. Compared to one my folks brought recently from Eli Zabar, this one isn't in the running.

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                      Thanks for the report. Sounds like it might be to my husband's liking, so it's worth checking out.

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                        Striper - so your folks brought you a Zabar's babka? Those are made by Green's bakery. If you order directly from Green's instead of from Zabar's, they are $3 less a loaf. They are LOADED with chocolate and/or cinnamon.

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                          This was not a Zabar's Babka, but rather from Eli Zabar (same family, different stores). Not sure if it was from Green's. But it was a superb cinnamon nut babka.

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                            Probably not Green's as they have no nuts in their cinnamon babka, and only offer the cinnamon and chocolate. The Greens definitely sounds more to your liking, though as they are loaded with cinnamon and chocolate. That's my issue with the brand sold at Whole Foods. Too bready, not enough filling.

                  2. McKinnon's in Danvers sells it, so their Somerville shop might have it, too. The chocolate is much better than the apple or cinnamon.

                    1. I know it's not in one of the towns the OP requested, but has anyone tried the babka at Rosenfeld's? I'm a big fan of their bagels and challah.