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Mar 26, 2013 08:14 AM

Glenside-Jack Frost-Oh No!

New owners at Jack Frost and so far Not a Good change at all.
We had been waiting for the spring opening to chow down on their huge handmade burgers and copious hand cut fries cooked just right.

Wow! New owners, frozen cheap patties and limp frozen fries.
SO disappointing
I even tried calling just to tell them but no answer. Oh well.

Maybe they will figure it out when the customers stop comming back.
We figure we will wait a week or 2 then try again.

**I am not a newbie just got new email from verizon and I reregistered.

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  1. Oh, what a shame. Jack Frost has been a favorite of my kids for the past couple years, since they re-opened. Very sad to see this.

    1. This is not good. Having grown up about a mile from there in the 50's and 60's, it was THE summertime treat. And the custard was real and creamy - not like the air-enriched DQ pseudo-dairy blasphemy.

      I do remember the super friendly previous owners and their great hand-cut fries. Service was slow but everything was cooked to order.

      This might be a small audience here on CHOW so maybe we should start a thread at the "Y" site.

      1. Sad to hear. Hopefully the new owners will listen to customers upset with such a drop in quality. The more people who stop by and complain, the more the owners may listen.

        I remember my first visit and being blown away by how good everything was - burgers, dogs, fries, frozen custard. I was amazed they were taking the time to fresh cut fries. Just not many places left doing that. I made excuses to be in the Glenside area just so I could hit Jack Frost for lunch.

        Edited to add: Just checked and they have a Face Book page - Jack-Frost. Probably a good place to share concern. However one of Jack Frost's posts says they are doing "hand-cut fries," so maybe things haven't changed and it was just a bad day. Hope that is the case.

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        1. re: Holly Moore

          Through Facebook I just got this response from Jack Frost:

          "Burgers are fresh not frozen like always. fries are fresh cut just like before .... ownership did change but only for the 4th time in 52 years of being jack frost. we kept all of the same products that you have enjoyed in the past. we even were lucky enough to have five of last seasons employees stay with us for the 2013 season. jack frost is here to stay and we strive to serve the same fresh food as always."

          GREAT NEWS!!!

          1. re: Holly Moore

            Thanks for the update but have you personally authenticated these findings? Jack Frost was there well before 52 years ago (1961), to which I can attest, and wonder why the current owners assign 1961 as the date of origin.
            Please get back to us.

            1. re: Chefpaulo

              As true for burgers as it is for WMD; trust but verify! It seems odd that a regular customer would have experienced and registered a negative reaction if there was not some issue.

        2. Holly, Thank you

          Well, I am very hopeful that perhaps we just had a one time experience. As I said we will be glad to give it another try, even sooner now that they have said they are using fresh burger.

          I live on Lismore ave just off Limekiln & Waverly rds, about 8 blocks away. With everyone working we were frequent customers and hope for the best.

          1. The original comment has been removed