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Jun 19, 2006 01:55 PM

Dinner and Dancing in N. County San Diego

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It's my GF's Great Aunts 90th birthday and she would like to go for dinner and dancing. I have no idea where to take her, Chowhounds I need your help. Cusine type and price not too important, qaulity however is. Thanks again folks.


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  1. Coastal or inland? I ask because it is almost as long of a trip from Rancho Bernardo to Oceanside (both "North County") as it is from either place to downtown.

    Also, is dancing a requirement for the place, or are you going somewhere separate for that? :)

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      She lives in the S. O-side/Vista area. When asked "what would you like to do for your Birthday?", she replied "dinner and dancing".

    2. She might enjoy a Hornblower Dinner/Dancing bay cruise. They have dancing on the ship and it's festive being on the water. I would rate the food as okay though.


      1. Ended up at Greek Village, right off Palomar Airport Rd. The guest of honor was thoroughly impressed, and said it was the best birthday she could remember. Food was impressive, Flaming Kasseri (sp) Cheese, and Braised Lamb Shank were the standouts. Family run place with friendly service and fun entertainment.