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Mar 26, 2013 06:50 AM

flour or not ........brisket

Preparing a brisket for the eve .should I dust first with seasoned flour ? Thankyou

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  1. Not necessary imo. The recipe I use form Nate Waxman calls for it but as I made it for Passover I didn't use any and it is delicious and browned beautifully. I did liberally pepper it.

    1. My brisket technique comes from west of the Sabine River as opposed to east of the Oder River. For me, the smoke does all the additional flavoring I need after a marinade.

      Flour? To crisp it or for gravy?

      1. Not that big of a difference either way, I find. You can just add flour at the end if you want to thicken the gravy at that point.

        1. The flour just aids in thickening the braising liquid. If you are braising in the oven or in a slow cooker, then it's a nice convenience step to include.....however, if you cook on the stove top, you risk the chance of burning on the bottom of your pot if you are not careful and attentive to your braise.

          1. Not necessary in the slightest. A redundant step.

            Unless you've got some awesome new way of doing it (in which case, please share!) you're either braising it (i.e.: traditional Jewish-Ashkenazi), smoking it (Texas represent!) or curing it (Montreal smoke meat FTW). In none of those techniques would flour add anything to the cooking methods or taste of the final product.

            I guess it's harmless if you wanna, but there's really no point.