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Mar 26, 2013 06:19 AM

Last minute trip to tokyo, first time - need some help!

Hi all,

I booked a last minute trip to meet up with my friends in Tokyo (coming from New York) - leaving today and will be there for 4 full days. There are 5 of us total, none of us have ever been (or speak any japanese). I really want to maximize my time and experience as much of the varied Japanese cuisines as possible. Obviously, we don't have any reservations and I am nurvous not speaking any japanese will make it difficult to navigate the city and find restaurants to go to. Does anyone have any tips for us in terms of getting to try a varied amount of authentic restaurants? We don't need to go to any of the high end places, but i'd like to have the chance to have great sushi, yakitori, soba, ramen, beef, and more traditional japanese cooking while in Tokyo. If anyone has any help/insight for me, i would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you.

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  1. Use the search function on this board and set date parameters out to 5 years. Enter the parts of town you will be in or the specific foods you are interested in. Take lots of notes. We've covered all of this before. Report back your experiences and feel free to ask some more questions once you are on the ground. Have a safe trip.

    1. Just FWIW - the OP is a 20-something. I'm a 65-something - and not at all in touch with 20-somethings. What would be the best parts of town for him/her? Robyn

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        Four a 4-day visit for first timers the list of neighborhoods is pretty much the same irrespective of age and can be found in travel books and on travel forums... We recently had a thread on neighborhood comparisons for dining that specifically used NYC for comparison.