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Mar 26, 2013 05:56 AM

Boneless chicken breasts

Where has the cheapest ones , they are overpriced as it is, where are they cheap cheap, not cause I particularly like them but must lose some weight

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  1. I bought some a few weeks ago at one of the two E. Indian meat/poultry stores on Fraser @ 51st. I bought from the one closest to 51st. I actually bought a bunch of tandoori chicken pieces, a few of a lemon spice variety, and some butter chicken ..... all of which were in the range of $2.99-3.99 per lb. The plain chicken breasts were around the same price but I don't recall if they were skinless and boneless too. Best for you to just go there and see for yourself.

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      Not possible at the moment as I am in Kathmandu at the moment (just kind of doing the research for now) will check out when I return to the country btw skin on I can deal with but they must be boneless !

    2. while i appreciate you may not have freezer space - the answer is what we call (only in Canada!) - hockey chicken - ie find a neighbor/relative/friend who has kids in organized sports (incl minor hockey, soccer, softball etc) - they all seem to end up selling "hockey chicken" (and other frozen meat products) as fundraisers.

      my friend up on the sunshine coast (Gibsons, sechelt etc) told me that their minor hockey league was selling decent product from a decent butcher in Sechelt - they could even get maui ribs portion packed and frozen for less than the price one pays to walk in to the same butcher shop in Sechelt (Dave the butcher)

      check the supplier name on the order form -

      1. I'm not a nutritionist or anything but why chicken breasts and not boneless, skinless thighs?

        The calorie and fat diff is negligible ounce for ounce but the thighs offer a bigger nutritional payoff for the same calories for some nutrients (eg twice the iron, 3 times the zinc.. ) Thighs are cheaper too.

        I get the big packs of boneless/skinless chicken thighs from Costco. There's a bit of fat that can be easily trimmed away.

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        1. re: kinnickinnik

          I only buy thighs and ewallu do enjoy them ( hell is it even possable to overcook them ha !) And soo much cheaper BUT have always thought and heard that they aew much fatter ( and I always buy skinkess ones too ) so its this or pork tenderloin ( probably cheaper but equally flavourless)

          1. re: vandan

            So speaking of pork tenderloin , I have the same question, where oh where for the cheapest ?

            1. re: vandan

              Costco and Beef Way has cheap pork.

              (And vandan - current research shows that dietary fat is not what you need to cut - it is carbs. YMMV)

        2. I always get mine at Costco. Side note, Or2K in Thamel is yummy and a nice change from Dal Bhat!

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          1. re: amelieducroix

            Actually staying in Thamel what and where is 2k ?

            1. re: vandan

              Paryatan street near Mandala...I've heard that it recently moved, but ask around, it's popular. It's a veg/middle eastern type of place. Fantastic hummus, falaffel, salads, breads

              1. re: amelieducroix

                Hmm so far no-one has heard of it, but undaunted I will carry on

                1. re: amelieducroix

                  Hey there, I actually found the place tonight completely by coincidence, Unfortunately it was on my after dinnner stroll through Thamel, II believe it is right on Mandala and upstairs, I heard you sit on the floor and all as well...

                  1. re: vandan

                    yup... you get the whole sitting on the floor, drapey fabric, pillows and candles experience.

                    1. re: amelieducroix

                      Might give it a go tonight then, thanks for the reco on that