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Mar 26, 2013 05:10 AM

Using those frozen phyllo cups

have looked through recipes for appys for Easter. I like the idea of a spinach and artichoke canape. Was thinking I could adapt a recipe using the filling for a strudel type thing and just fill the cups. trying to make it quick and easy. Any other ideas for fillings for those little cups???

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  1. My niece brought two apps using those cups at Christmas - one was the hot artichoke and spinach (I think they used their normal hot dip recipe), and one was a cold crab salad filling. Both were excellent and easy for her.

    But the possibilities are endless. Roasted garlic mushrooms; goat cheese with a roasted half cherry tomato and a basil leaf; chive cream cheese topped with smoked salmon...

    Those frozen cups are pretty handy!

    1. A cube of Brie, a little dollop of pesto and a few pine nuts, in to the oven until cheese is melty. Or pepper jam instead of the pesto and pine nuts.