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Mar 26, 2013 03:39 AM

Question??!! - Where does one go for some Authentic and Traditonal Crepe Bretonne??!! - How about Hong Kong!!!??

My wife LOVES crepes!! So, when we heard from a friend that there is a great creperie in Hong Kong, we were both excited and eager to give it a try. After climbing myriad number of steps and getting lost along the way, we finally arrived at 'Fleur de Sel' in Hong Kong's Soho district.
It was early, the restaurant was empty and we were greeted by our waiter ' Roman' from Quebec!! According to him, the French chef actually worked in the kitchen of Robouchon a Galera in Macau before decided to open up his little gem in Hong Kong.
We had one savory and two sweet crepes:
- Crepe Bourguinnone with Escargot, Spinach, Bacon, Cheese and Cream
- Crepe Poire with Caramelized Pear and Lavender, Creme Brulee Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce
- Special newly introduced crepe of Caramel sauce and 'Crispy' Vanilla Ice Cream!!

The crepes were delcious and authentic with the savory version using buckwheat flour prepared on authentic cooking sevices and utensils!

After so many Chinese meals these few weeks, it was a refreshing change of scenery!!

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  1. Sounds yummy! I always thought that French crepes reminded me of South Indian dosas.

    I remembered there used to be a Creperie Ar-men in Singapore which had this really authentic French atmosphere, with a French maitre'd. Their crepes were stupendous. Once, on our way out, I took a peep into their kitchen and saw two South Indian chefs making the crepes!

    Pic below of a dosa I had in Bangalore during my visit there last year :-D

    1. I went to the Causeway Bay location in late December at the Po Foo building on Foo Ming Street, which had a very interesting although less spacious atmosphere...and very very good quality indeed. Chef Gregory also was apparently a chef at one of the French consulates!

      I can't remember the name of the buckwheat crepe I got, but it was excellent (mostly vegetables...mushroom, spinach, ratatouille?). We shared a bottle of Pinot noir "Louis Jadot" 2008, Bourgogne, and unfortunately I don't remember anything else other than not getting a deep sleep that night, but it was fun.

      1. Charles, I'm glad you had a good meal there. My only visit to the CWB branch left me with the impression that it was a distant second to La Crêperie, which now has a second Sheung Wan branch in addition to the Wanchai original.

        I honestly don't care where the chefs used to work… if they can't deliver a decent meal then their resumes are pretty useless… Just my 2 cents

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        1. re: Peech

          Peech - I am with you regarding chefs pedigrees - everyone who staged for a few months at El Bulli is pitched as a chef from El Bulli these days. Given the throughput of chefs staging there it's a pretty meaningless moniker. So this chef worked at Robuchon in Macau but now he is flipping crepes - where is the skill cross over that adds value?

          For me the best thing about a crepe place is Breton cider - do they serve it?

          1. re: PhilD

            Yup!!!! They were gooood but kind of expensive!!

            1. re: PhilD

              no self-respecting creperie would open for business without Breton cider. Both places have them, and as always you can choose between dry and sweet versions.