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Mar 25, 2013 10:35 PM

30th birthday, 10 people, steakhouse or Italian on the strip

Hi all,

My friends and I will be going to Las Vegas from May 3-7 to celebrate a 30th birthday. We are looking for a great place to go for dinner to celebrate! We'll be staying at Mandalay Bay so something nearby is preferred. As we'll be a group of 10 people, I'm leaning towards a steakhouse or Italian so everyone is satisfied. We went to Sinatra's in the Wynn when we were there last to celebrate and it was perfect... Atmosphere, food and price point were all right on. If I could get some recommendations, that would be great! I know a steakhouse will probably be a little more expensive but I'd like to know which one gives you the best bang for your buck. Thanks!

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  1. The obvious choice, depending on their menu that week, is the Charlie Palmer Cut of the Week in the Four Seasons. Three courses, bottomless wine pairings with the first two courses at $48/pp is one of the best deals on the strip. However, there are no options when ordering so it may not work well for a larger group. Other than that you have all of the usual suspects - Carnevino, Delmonico, etc. There are many threads on the site for steak houses in Las Vegas; including "Best Steak House" discussions.

    An off-Strip option for Italian is Panevino, located on Sunset Rd just south of the airport. A short cab ride from Mandalay. We have always enjoyed our meals there and the price point is below what you will pay for comparable meals on the Strip. There are others, but your options are limited a bit if you want to stay close to Mandalay.

    1. If you're looking to stay close to home base, StripSteak at Mandalay is an excellent steak house. It's not going to give you great "bang for your buck" but the food is very good at standard vegas steak house prices. You can get out for around $100pp, not including drinks. You do get an added bonus of their free and delicious duck fat fries appetizer. I've eaten their with a group your size multiple times and their's no issue.

      1. Am I correct in assuming you do not want to return to Sinatra? We were there about 2 weeks ago and it was excellent...drinks, food, service, ambiance...everything was great. It's certainly not cheap, but we thought the value was reasonable.

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          We thoroughly enjoyed Sinatra when we were there 2 years ago but this is a rare occasion for us so we're definitely looking to try somewhere new!

          Looks like we've settled upon Delmonico's!

          1. re: HelloBeautiful

            I would reconsider the Delmonico choice. We had dinner there about 6 months ago, and it was disappointing...nowhere as good as the same restaurant in NOLA, and not even close to Sinatra in food, service or even ambiance. If you want steak, I'm sure that there are other better choices in LV.

            1. re: josephnl

              Wow, that is unusual for my experience with Delmonico! We make that our steak house night for a group of guys who regularly go to Vegas. We originally chose it because of their reasonable corkage policy but have never had a disappointing meal. I hope your experience was the exception and that things haven't changed.

              1. re: HoosierFoodie

                Our meal there was fine, but nothing was exceptional or memorable. Our service was just ok, and I find the diningroom ambiance sort of blah. For a special celebratory dinner, I'd definitely go elsewhere.

                  1. re: HelloBeautiful

                    If it has to be steak, I'd probably go to Carnevino , SW Steakhouse or Country Club. For Italian, I really like, service and ambiance. If other options are open, I'd consider Sage.

        2. Why don't you go to Charlie Palmers at the Mandalay/Four Seasons for their fab 3 course, Cut of the Week deal at $48pp with wine..
          Make reservations!
          I've always had great meals at Delmonicos but I don't eat steak but the rest of my party does and loved it everytime.

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          1. re: Beach Chick

            I think we're going to stick with Delmonicos. Charlie Palmers sounds great but I don't want the rest of the group to feel forced to do the prix fix/not have a choice in what they're eating.

            1. re: HelloBeautiful

              Good decision. I had us booked at Charlie Palmer's for the cut of the week prix fixe. Every menu I had seen was beef and looked great, but the week we were there they were doing lamb chops. None of us eat lamb so we wound up canceling the reservation.

              1. re: HelloBeautiful

                Charlie Palmers has a great table in the back that seats at least 10. The atmosphere (and food for that matter) there is far better than Delmonicos. And if you are going to go all the way to the Venetian why not go to Carnevino or CUT (both of which I think are superior)?

                Also, if half of your party wants the Cut of the Week and half want to order off of the regular menu you can. There are no restrictions on how many people order it.

            2. Italian or steak? How about both. The *BEST* steak on the strip IMHO is Carnevino at the Palazo, Mario Batali and Joe Bastianch's awesome steakhouse with plenty of amazing Italian dishes. It's not near Mandalay Bay, but hey, if you're going to plunk down $100 per person on steak, what's another few bucks on a cab?

              The 6-month aged beef (sold by the inch!) is a fascinating experience. It can be kind of blue-cheesy or some compare it to pate. It's not for everyone, but if you're a real steak connoisseur, this is an at-least-once-in-your-life-must-have experience.

              But even if you're not interested in going all in-your-face gourmand, this is a great clubby atmosphere for some of the best steaks you'll ever find with side dishes that are definitely a cut above. (Check out the cheese grissini at the bar!)