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Mar 25, 2013 10:24 PM

Top Chef Canada, Season 3, Episode 2

Quickfire: The chefs have to make a dish using at least two items from a MRE (Meal Ready to Eat kit) to make a dish for Les Stroud from Survivorman. The stuff from the MREs look pretty gross. The chefs squeeze stuff from tubes, rehydrate powders etc.
On top, Jonathan, Matthew and Caity. On the bottom, Geoff and Chris C.
And the winner is Jonathan. He gets immunity and doesn't have to cook in the Elimination challenge. He also gets to join the judges at the tasting.

Elimination: The chefs have to work in teams of two to cook a dish which they have to create from ingredients they have to find in a scavenger hunt at Riverdale farm. One team member locates the two boxes containing the main ingredients while the other member gets to gather ingredients from a mobile pantry before it drives away. The guest judge is Robert Irvine. Oh and it's a double elimination.

Dan and Dennis get corn and lobster. Becky and Chris S. get peas and lamb. Caity and Ruth get eggs and mushrooms but Caity misunderstands Ruth and thinks they have chicken and duck. Caity gets pantry items based on this and can't go back to the pantry. Matt and Chris C. get quail and stone fruit. Danny and Clement have pork (they didn't say which of the other ingredients [beans? carrots?] was their other scavenged item). Nicole and Rory have Arctic Char and artichokes. Kayla and Geoff got chicken and parsnips.
Jonathan spends the day running on the treadmill and dressing for dinner.

On the bottom: Caity and Ruth; Dan and Dennis.

On the top: Matt and Chris C. and Becky and Chris S.

The judges discuss whether they should send home a team or one from each team.

The winners are Matt and Chris C. Ruth and Dennis are sent home.

Caity is really annoying. She seems to be a very angry person. She is obnoxious when there's no need to be. You don't have to mow down everyone to win: you just have to cook the best food.

I didn't like how she said she didn't like working with women and the first thing to do was get rid of the girls and then work on the men. It's fine to prefer working with men but do you have to dismiss your own gender? You are in a competition but you should be trying to out-cook all the chefs, not just get rid of those pesky females and the get down to the real competition.

I also did not like how she treated Ruth. She was so condescending and unpleasant. It appears that Ruth might have caused Caity to misunderstand by speculating about having chicken and duck but there was no need to treat her with such disdain. She's 24, how much experience does she have? How dare she dismiss Ruth like she was a culinary student. How can she judge Ruth's skill level when they've only had two Quickfires and one Elimination?

Just cook great food, Caity. If you're good enough you'll do well. There's no need to be ugly.

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  1. Agreed... Could Caity have been any more of a jerk?

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    1. re: cellophane_star

      Yeah, really hope she goes soon. She has a bad attitude.

      1. re: ylsf

        The tiiiiny Conspiracy Theorist in me says that the more aggravating she is, the longer she'll stay around-- re: TC:Seattle's Josie.

        1. re: Kris in Beijing

          Oh boy, not another Josie!

          Well, at least she doesn't have the annoying headbands.

      2. re: cellophane_star

        I have to agree. I'm not really liking Caity at all. She seems arrogant, condescending, and patronizing all at once. And her slip at judges table of "work for me" didn't cast a flattering light on her at all

        1. re: cellophane_star

          Ditto. I don't get why the judges thought it was Ruth's fault for not getting along w. Caity vs. Caity's fault for not getting along w. Ruth.

          Also: thought the rules were that the team member at the trailer didn't get to make their second trip in until their teammate found the second cooler. Why wasn't there a penalty of some sort for Caity going on her second trip before the cooler was found?

          1. re: stgrove

            Good point. She definitely should have been penalized for going into the pantry before the second cooler was found.

            I don't have any specific examples that I can cite offhand but I feel like the rules on TC Canada are pretty lax. I feel a bit of déjà vu here. I can recall a similar feeling each season - where someone should have been called out/penalized about something but got a pass. I can't recall if it was because the food was good (though that certainly wouldn't be the case here).

        2. Caity's comments re: women chefs really annoyed me. I hate it when women think they have to be "one of the boys" (and shun their own gender) to succeed. Not saying you have to like all women, but don't trash them all either.

          1. This show's not grabbing me at all. I'm likely burnt out from the previous 10 seasons of Top Chef, 2 of Top Chef Canada, a few shows of Top Chef Masters, Chopped, Chopped Chanpions etc.

            There's nobody on Top Chef Canada who really interests me. Least of all the judges.

            1. The original comment has been removed
              1. I Just started working for a few Pro exchange for social media help. It's like the Military without the fun of shooting guns. I have a huge retail exec. background but Chefs scare the hell out of me.;