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Dinner ideas during French Quarter Festival

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Looking for dinner ideas during FQF. Staying in the Quarter and we want to walk to dinner and prefer not to break the bank.

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  1. The range of street food looks fit for all-day feasting (I come in for the last day of FQF), but I'll give it a start for budget-conscious spots that seem to please.....

    Killer Po-Boys
    EAT New Orleans
    Three Muses (Frenchman St.)
    Something Else Cafe
    Felix's - how is Felix's these days?

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      I wouldn't call Three Muses budget-conscious unless you have very little of an appetite. Small portions, big cost, bad deal.

      1. re: nolala

        have not been to TM for a while and do not recall experiencing small portions when I last went, considering it is small plates. Hmm. I was probably so entranced with The Muse cocktail. ;/

        Feedback on Felix's? Also has been a while & I know there was quite a bit of Board chatter previously. My companion had a pretty decent crawfish boil platter @ Felix's, considering the location.