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Mar 25, 2013 08:48 PM

Lunch, Will be in Bridgeport

Will be in the Bridgeport area, was hoping to get wind of a good place for a reasonable seafood lunch. Maybe sandwiches or fish n chips. (FRESH only!!) Any suggestions?

Was also thinking of driving to Louis Lunch, it's so legendary, but it's 30 minutes (according to Google) from where I will be. Is LL worth the drive?

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  1. Sorry I can't be of much help in Bridgeport. As for Louis Lunch. They do make a very good burger, and should be experienced if for no other reason than the experience. I am not so sure I would drive 30 minutes each way for it though. Seafood in New Haven, Lenny & Joe's just opened right off exit 46 on 95 so you could do that & hit Louis.

    1. Actually, I misspoke-- I meant Bridgeport environs. 20 minutes (or even more going West) would be fine. Anything in or near Sono area?

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        Westfair Fish and Chips on Rte 1 in Westport is your best bet for your request.

      2. Five minutes back down the road in Stratford, there's Outriggers (sit down seafood), Uberti's fish market (take out) and Danny's Hot Dog Stand (take out - I know they have fish sandwich and lobster rolls...not sure about fish and chips). None are exceptional, but perfectly "OK."

        1. Someone mentioned Westfair in Westport. Anybody been there?

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            Yes. It's a little hole-in-the-wall kind of place that's tucked in the back of a nondescript strip mall, not easily seen from Route 1. Only 4-5 tables sharing a small space with a drinks refrigerator with a TV on top (invariably tuned to Fox News). Order and pick up at the small window. Some counter space by the front window that doubles as the repository for the last couple days' newspapers. Depending on how well the exhaust fans are working that day, you may come out of there smelling a bit like a fryolator.

            But I second bagelman's rec; it's *the* place for a quick, casual seafood lunch within 20 mins of Bpt. Excellent fish and chips (thin, crisp, seasoned batter. Not too "doughy"), NE chowder, fried oysters, whole belly fried clams. No sandwiches save for clam rolls that I recall, unless it's on the "specials" white board right by the door. They do a soft-shelled crab sandwich, but not quite the season yet.

            Edit: N.B. They are cash only. No CCs or checks.

          2. One of our favorite spots (and we are locals) is Dolphins Cove Restaurant and Marina in Bridgeport, closer to the Stratford line. Excellent seafood.

            Dolphins Cove

            My personal opinion on Louis' is yes, it's an "institution," but it is really just a steamed hamburger...

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              You may be a local, as far as Bridgeport and its environs, BUT

              I am a New Haven Native who now lives in Trumbull.

              Louis Lunch does NOT serve a steamed hamburger!!!! I don't know where you git this wrong impression. Have you ever dined there. Louis Lunch cooks their hamburgers in a vertical broiler with a gas flame. This is NOT steaming.

              Steamed hamburgers (usually cheeseburgers) are peculiar to the Wallingford/Meriden area at places such as Ted's.

              Louis Lunch is an institution worth a visit. Is it the best hamburger in the area? NO, is it very good and worth experiencing at least once? YES.

              A sfor Dolphon's Cove, they serve above average seafood, but as OP asked fro Fish and Chips, Westfair is a far better choice, especially as they clarified their geography and are seeking west of Bridgeport locations.

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                Gee Bagelman, my first post and I offended you! Sorry! Yes, technically Louis’ is not steamed. I know the whole history of the vertical broiler dating back from time eternity. I have eaten there hundreds of times over my life and, if I am in New Haven, I will stop in and grab a burger. And I know ketchup (catsup) is the enemy… but, they do taste steamed and they are just burgers. It it worth going out of your way for just a burger, I don’t think so but someone else may. Hey, it’s just an opinion! Westfair is fine. I just thought sitting on the harbor eating lobster rolls or a lobster or a sandwich or some fine paella was a lot nicer than fish and chips on the Post Road. Peace?

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                  You certainly didn't offend me, maybe the Lassen family will take offense at you calling their flame broiled hamburgers 'steamed'. I don't frequent Louis Lunch, it's a once in a lifetime southern CT experience, but not a regualr haunt. And as i don't eat ketchup, it doesn't matter to me that it is not available.
                  I agree about the setting in Stratford, but as the request was for Fish and Chips and refined to west of Bridgeport,I suggested Westfair