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Mar 25, 2013 08:25 PM

How about a "Not Recommend" button?

Y'know, sort of the opposite of the current "Recommend" button?

This might be a nice way of allowing people to let off steam on posts that they disagree with without actually posting something (vitriolic?) that only serves to elevate the level of animosity while detracting from the Chowish-ness and/or topical-ness of the original post.

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  1. I can't see it happening for the same reasons Facebook won't allow an un-like button.

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    1. re: ohmyyum

      Not so sure the same rationale applies here.

      For Facebook as far as I understand the absence of a "dislike" button is to avoid fostering negativity.

      Here by contrast a "Not Recommend" button would hopefully have just the opposite effect, and actually mitigate outright negativity amongst the community.

      But whatever. It was just a thought.

      (By the way, there is an "unlike" button already on Facebook but its purpose is different from a "Not Recommend" button as suggested here)

    2. I see that turning into playground clique antics.

      I have used the Recommend button (because I know they're trying to cut down on the "+1" and "me, too" posts) -- but the Not Recommend or Dislike just smacks of flipping the bird or sticking your tongue out at someone.

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      1. re: sunshine842

        Yes, that's exactly what it is. Tripadvisor used to have both, but did away with the not helpful button. They figured that if a post had a lot of yes answers, readers would know it was helpful and if it didn't have them, could infer that it is not especially so.

        1. re: mcf

          so if it's the virtual equivalent of flipping someone off, you wanted it because....????

          Things get nasty enough around here without it.

          1. re: sunshine842

            Um... I don't want it. I was agreeing with your post.

            1. re: mcf

              I'm sorry...somewhere I flaked out and had it in my head that you'd made the OP.

      2. Applied in the same manner as the Recommend button would lead to not recommending a restaurant, recipe, tip, CH's opinion and poll vote without having to explain any detail about why.

        Thankfully CH's can't resist a healthy debate.

        1. I guess I don't agree with the notion that one must make one's every disagreement known or that the only alternative is vitriol.

          I think the feature we need most of all is an "Ignore" button.

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          1. re: mcf

            And the ability to just move past material that doesn't interest us isn't simple enough, mcf? Sure it is.

            Ignore buttons would be just as unkind. Don't we write OP's and contribute to a thread to be part of the community conversation? Who joins CH to be ignored?

            And, even with the best of intentions, 2,000+ threads daily on the Home Cooking board alone, most of the threads I'm missing out on because of time limitations.

            Controversy and Chowhound will forever go together though, it's just nature.

            1. re: HillJ

              I agree that the best thing is to just move on by and not engage in contentiousness. But an ignore button is useful in the case of those who, say, follow one around to make antagonistic or personal commentary, or who are pervasively negative, or whose posts are not ever of interest to me, so there's less to attend to when logging on. It's also useful in avoiding responding due to inevitable irritation, to those who get under your skin.

              The reason I prefer "ignore" to like or dislike is that you do it privately; no one sees your implementation of it or is going to know who you're ignoring. I certainly wouldn't expect to see a list like "who I'm NOT reading!"

              I often use ignore or kill files in other discussion sites just to avoid the massive volume and to focus on the posters I know will interest me, it's not necessarily dislike, it cuts down on the noise.

              1. re: mcf

                Points taken. Of course contacting Moderation (where anyone reading along hits the Flag button ) can help in extreme cases. But just ignoring, by not responding at all, seemed to address what you're calling:

                follow one around to make antagonistic or personal commentary, or who are pervasively negative, or whose posts are not every of interest.

                I don't profess to have the answers by any means and our individual community usage and experience vary greatly.

                good talking to YOU, mcf!

          2. Many comments sections have
            +^ and -v
            next to the comment so readers who are logged in can "Promote" or "Demote" a specific comment.
            A subset of those comments sections also have an auto-hide function so comments with too many "-" are automatically hidden but users can choose to show them.
            However, this would probably require Chow to change the entire system that is used for Chowhound itself.

            KB now in NoVA

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            1. re: Kris in Beijing

              Yes, I believe their time is better spent tinkering with the layout, font size, text color, button shapes than doing anything substantively to improve user experience.

              [kidding folks, just kidding ... don't get your undies all wadded up]