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Mar 25, 2013 08:05 PM

Another Nostalgic Meal, this time at 'Loyal Dining' followed by some Crazy dessert eating at Honeymoon Dessert!!!

Fellow Austrian Chowhounder 'Nilescable' and I decided to make one final eating spree before heading out to the airport yesterday evening. Following another chowhounder 'skylineR33''s footsteps, we went to the relatively new dining place ' Loyal Dining ' on Wellington for a late afternoon tea/early dinner.
This 'pseudo-clone' of Tai Ping Koon is known for offering Hong Kong Colonial era fusion Chinese-Western food. We ordered a pot- pourri of assorted dishes that included Nilecable's favourite ' Sweet & Sour Pork 'plus Stuffed Crab Shell, Chicken wings in 'Swiss' sauce and a special Fried beef with rice noodles aka ' Gone Chau Ngau Ho ' using the sweet 'Swiss' sauce.
I'm not a fan of Sweet & Sour Pork but have to admit the perfectly glazed and crunchy batter coated pork was a sensation. The rest of the dishes were very similar to what Tai Ping Koon offers these days but at a much more reasonable price and nicer plate presentation. Service was 'Young' ( Loyal ) vs 'Old' ( TPK ).

We were kind of full when we took the ferry across the windy habour to Honeymoon Dessert inside iSquare for 'some' desserts to satisfy our sweet tooth! I was stunned to watch my Austrian friend ordered 3 desserts all to himself!!.... and finish them all!!!! As for me, I just had one! Ha!!
His choices were, Cold Ginger infused Milk Custard.... Yes! A ginger loving Austrian! Cold Mango Pudding and Hot Egg Custard. As for me, the usual Sago, mango, pommelo sweet soup with the addition of herbal Glass jelly!

With that we bid Adieu to Hong Kong! Until next time!!

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  1. And you wont believe it, at the airport I would have had craving for another dessert, but saddly after the passport gate there was none to be found.

    The sweet sour pork was really very good, as was my beloved ginger milk at Honeymoon. Luckily I know how to do these two dishes at home zo satisfy my HK craving for another year.