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Mar 25, 2013 07:17 PM

Visiting Houston for a long weekend with friends -- recommendations requested please!

I'll be visiting Houston with a couple of friends in about a month. Of the four of us, 1 eats everything (me), 1 eats fish but no meat, 2 eat chicken and some fish.

So... I'm looking for recommendations for must-visit places on the CH foodie map that aren't meat meccas :)

We'll be staying downtown or Galleria for part of the weekend, and further west (Bunker Hill village) for part of it, but will have a car.

Would like to have a nice dinner every night - doesn't have to be fancy every night, but good food. Also have a few lunches open, so ideas for good / casual lunch places as well would help.

Cuisine-wise everyone is flexible.

Thank you!

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    1. While at Bunker Hill, I like Denis's Seafood Kitchen. They have a large variety of fish in at any given time and the list on the board changes daily. My favorite is the rainbow trout. There is also steak and chicken on the menu. It's NOLA style. Also near there is Goode Co. Seafood which is good, but I consider it a little pricier. A neighborhood favorite in the area also is Jonathan's The Rub. Quirky owner with a small dining room, although he has recently expanded. It's BYOB and neighbors don't mind sitting on the porch drinking wine while waiting for a table if necessary. All food types, but Italian overtones.

      Downtown and Galleria are well covered on this forum, I recommend a search with those terms. But in the Galleria area a trending restaurant is Phillippe, serving Tex-a-France food.

      I'm actually meeting family at Reef tonight, another trending restaurant located near downtown (midtown). Mostly fish with a token chicken, steak and pork dish.

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        Thank you - have been to Philippe & Reef both but at lunch, enjoyed both!

        Will spend some more time searching.