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Mar 25, 2013 07:12 PM

Dinner after opera in downtown or Plateau 'hoods?

My husband and I will be visiting Montreal and attending the Opera on a Thursday night, which ends at 10:30pm. We will be on foot or taxi and looking for a restaurant that accepts customers walking in at 11pm. I was hoping for something either near the Opera or near our hotel, in the Plateau. Coming from LA, we are trying to eat foie gras with every dinner to make up for our forced abstinence!

Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance!

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  1. brasserie T... you can even reserve for 2 at 11pm

    1. It depends exactly where your hotel is located, but some of the better late night options in the downtown- plateau area include Chien Fumant (albeit casual for opera garb), L'Express, Dominion Square Taverne (a bit far west of Place des Arts). However, if you really want foie then you could probably still find an 11pm reservation at Pied de Cochon if its a week or more in advance.

      1. Suggestions so far are spot-on. Let me just add a few notes.

        Closest to you, there will be (already mentioned) Brasserie T! and F Bar; both take reservations until 11pm. I think you can have foie gras at both.

        L’Express is not too far, and it’s open until 2am. If you don’t feel like rushing to dinner, this is a good option. Again, it should be possible to get foie gras there.

        Chien Fumant is not too close, but it might be close to your hotel. If you’re willing to consider it, I’d also suggest Maison Publique – it’s in the same area, and has the same style, but, in my opinion, is way better. The foie gras on a toast is marvellous, and will certainly cater to your needs. The only problem, though, is I’m not sure what their closing time is…

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          I was once told that MP only accepts diners until 10:30pm, but this seems like its flexible. Might depend on the day.

        2. A lot of great suggestions here. We would add a couple more. The following places both have a 10PM+ menu and are not too far, so you should be good: Bar et Boeuf & Moishes (probably no foie gras though).

          1. Thank you all for your suggestions! I just made a reservation at Brasserie T!, whose kitchen they said closes at 11:30pm. The night before we are going to Pied de Cochon and I do want to try Maison Publique for brunch.
            Can't wait to arrive and start eating!