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Roseville region restaurants and food

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My son just finished at UOP and has started work in Roseville, living between the HP campus and the Galleria at Roseville. We will be visiting him fairly often including this weekend. Are there any good restaurants in or around Roseville? We are open to anything: Thai, barbecue, hole-in-the-wall ethnic, Mexican, sandwich joints to nice sitdown Italian, Cal-Med, California cuisine and aren't averse to driving for good food either. Also if there are any good grocery stores, wine shops, etc. please share. Thanks.

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  1. El Azeteca in Roseville, great burritos!

    Dominicks in Granite bay for pizza and anything Italian

    the cheese steak grille in Roseville.

    JJ's Mongolian has the best mongolian and it's super cheap.

    HL noodle cafe is okay for what you can get in Roseville area.

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      More Cheap Eats:

      Teriyaki Domo; Douglas Blvd. at Sunrise (plaza) very good and cheap noodle bowls.

      Jalisco Grill; Lead Hill Road at Sunrise

      SuperMex; I thought it would be pretty low-scale with a name like that, but not bad for midlevel expense Mexican Restaurant.

    2. There is a place on the corner of Pleasant Grove and Foothills (right by HP campus)that is fusion Chinese japanese that is really good. Behind the AM/PM.

      Granitos in Granite Bay is great.(auburn Folsom and Douglas) Menu changes to chef's liking and availability of fresh ingredients. All free range italian food.

      Next door is Lakeside liquors. A great wine shop with tastings on Friday and Saturday featuring different wineries every week.

      In old town Roseville is Carmelitias. great mexican food (love their chicken dishes). (Riverside Blvd)

      On Eureka road is Mikuni, fantastic, fun sushi. Huge sauced rolls a specialty. Very fresh fish.

      1. Congrats to your son. As for food in Roseville area, grocery stores the typical, Safeway, Albertson's, Trader Joe's. I think there is a meat market around Atlantic street as well. I haven't gone there yet.

        As for food in the Roseville area, some of the better places are:

        HL Noodles - Asian noodles/shakes. Decent noodles, great grilled pork, yummy shakes, but the one in Sacramento is waaaaaay better. (Oh there's a Pho place in the same center as HL. Pretty good Pho this side of Sacramento valley area).

        Ruth Chris's Steakhouse - nothing to say here

        Jitra - Thai place near E. Roseville Parkway and Hazel.

        Thai Basil - another Thai place. I think it's overrated, but still good

        Mikuni's - popular spot for heavy-sweet sauced sushi
        (Roseville's got 10+ japansese restuarants, all of them are average. Mikuni's is the best of the average if you can stand the epic waits). Oh don't go to the fusion chinese-japanese place. It's terrible.

        Back 40 Texas BBQ - pretty good pork ribs. skip the beef ribs though

        Texas West Bar-B-Que - routinely win best-of awards, but I found them hit or miss, extremely pricey, and overall average

        Venita Rhea's - cafe in Rocklin. Great traditional American breakfast. cheap and large portions.

        PF Chang's - surprisingly the best chinese restaurant in Roseville, I'm sad to say. Gotta go to South Sacto for good chinese/asian food, or goto SanFran.

        Continuing with the theme of chain restaurants, you will notice quickly that Roseville is the epicenter of chain stores. Almost every chain store you can name is found in Roseville, including restaurants. You have your Chili's, Angus Steakhouse, Tahoe Joe's, Outback Steakhouse, Boston Market, Taco le Bell, Micky D's, etc.... it goes on and on.

        For good restaurants in the Sacto area, you should search through the list on the cali board, or go to this webpage.


        I have a script which extracts Sacto-related postings. Make loading faster as well as searching.

        Welcome to Roseville.

        1. As was already mentioned, Roseville is Big Box/Chain heaven. Within this genre, Max's in the courtyard of the Galleria Mall is a personal favorite. This is one of the few places in the area that serves NY style Deli. I also have a weakness for their chocolate covered macaroons.

          Accross the street form the Mall I enjoy visiting The Wine Merchant. It's owned by a brother and sister (Carrie and Jessie). Personally, I find Jessie to be more outgoing. However, they are both quite knowledgeable, and their inventory is diverse and well chosen.

          For a great dining experience, some of the best food in the area is being served at Carpe Vino in Old Town Auburn. It is a wine store that added a 20 seat fine dining restaurant about eight weeks ago. They have two young CIA trained chefs in the kitchen. The menu is California/French.

          Excellent food, wine priced at retail, and an inventory emphasizing small production California producers.

          1. The Farmer's Market at Denio's Auction (Fri, Sat and Sunday) is one of the best (and least expensive!) in California. Great produce, lots of unusual stuff, and great prices. If you go, look for the LaBamba tamale stand in "Auctionland" across the street. Just a few tables, more of a takeout place in a tent. Go early!!! Great tamales!!!

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              janet--will be going by on our way to Grass Valley on saturday--is this worth the stop? Is there an entrance fee to the market, and can you give directions from 80, please? "early" would be....?


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                googled it and found where it is--Richmond exit in Rosevile on I-80. Now to get DH to stop.

            2. Cafe Bernardo has fresh, quality ingredients. I used to prep in the kitchen.

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                My sister and b-i-l have lived in Granite Bay for 18 years. I've had many a meal at Cafe Bernardo over the years, and the food has been consistently good. There have been, however, some service issues, mostly directly related to the volume of business and lack of adequate staffing

              2. There is a 50 cent admission to the auction...but if you pay a dollar for parking in their lot they don't charge the 50 cents. worth it regardless. as for directions, sorry, better ask. its near the train depot. My husband knows but he isn't here and I have no idea. Its not easy to find, but everyone in town knows where it is. And as for how early is early for the tamales, last time we were there we arrived at 11am and they were out of everything but pork. they have some great sounding dulce tamales, so I would be there by ten if you wanted to have a chance at trying them. Tamales make a great breakfast!!! And yes, its worth the stop...imo...especially if you want produce.

                1. Well. Roseville IS the land of chain EVERYTHING, fortunately including Peete's Coffee.

                  We tried Back 40 Texas BBQ and it was... a little disappointing. The smoked turkey was very good as were the beans. The pork ribs were a letdown. They lacked flavor as though no rub or other seasoning had been used and were light on smoke flavor- almost seemed "steamed" or something but that may have been due to ordering at 8+PM. On the plus side, sauce was on the side and their "hot" and "chipotle" sauces were pretty darn good- a 50:50 combo was the "rat good thang."

                  Now breakfast at Venita Rhea's http://www.venitarheas.com/menu.html was very good, very reasonably priced and very satisfying- lots of good, well prepared food and a delight in the land of chain food. My son noted that a place that serves both a breakfast and lunch type menu at the same time will please a very large group of people as he often opts for a French dip or something similar while we both always enjoy a breakfast. Highly recommended and very popular. No reservations but call ahead to get on the waitlist.

                  Thanks to all the 'hounds for many for many suggestions including for future use and to Steve O especially for Venita Rhea's. We would NEVER have found it and my son already has plans to return soon. We will, too, when we go back to Roseville- a very strange place even for long time residents of central California.

                  1. Ooops. Forgot one thing. In Rocklin at the corner of Taylor road and Rocklin road is the Gold Miner Cafe. Sister to the one in Flosom this is the best breakfast or lunch in the area for sure (and maybe in all of Sacramento).