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Mar 25, 2013 06:05 PM

Near Louis Armstrong Airport?

I will be visiting your lovely city the second week of May for 5 days. I have an almost 5-hour wait between my arrival and my brother's (we are arriving from different parts of the country). Would you have any recommendations about where I can eat/what I can do near the airport during that time - if anything? I anticipate being hungry as I arrive at 2:45pm local time on a Monday and that will be lunchtime for me... so maybe somewhere I can linger over a meal with my book? We will not be getting our rental car until Thursday or I would take a drive.
Any and all suggestions/recommendations welcome! Thank you in advance!

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  1. Charlie's Seafood in Harahan is a real short cab ride from MSY. It was reopened by Frank Brigsten after Katrina. Old school neighborhood seafood joint, done very well. I'm sure they wouldn't mind you taking a table, or spot at the bar, especially that time of day. They do fried seafood real nice, and the daily specials are good.

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      Charlie's is great but they're closed on Mondays I believe.

      If I'm understanding, you need to find somewhere near the airport, but you won't have a car? As far as I know, there's nothing within walking distance of the airport apart from a few hotel bars. You could take a short cab ride to Harbor Seafood and hang out at the oyster bar or at a table there for a few hours.

    2. I'm not a big seafood fan, so my usual "just landed and starving" stop is Voodoo BBQ, a local chain, under 2 miles away from MSY on Airline Hwy. I enjoy their chicken and andouille gumbo, and they serve Abita (a local brew.)

      1. A number of good Latin American restaurants are on Williams Blvd, including a Peruvian place called Las Carnitas, which was recently reviewed by Ian McNulty.

        1. Check out this article. There are actually a couple of very decent options inside the airport.

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            RE: near-airport food article: I have to take issue with describing Taqueria Corona as "basically just down the street" from the airport. It's at least four and a half miles, by my count. And who in the hell would take a cab or waste calories on Spudly's Super Spuds? There are far better or equivalent spots way closer to the airport than those suggestions...seems like the author is unaware of anything actually IN Kenner. Why would you bypass Fiesta Latina or Taqueria Chilangos to eat at Taqueria Corona?

            Harbor Seafood IS a good option, and if you get bored hanging out at Harbor Seafood, you can easily walk to the Cafe du Monde just a few doors down (coffee & beignets just like in the French Quarter) and/or browse at the Asian Gourmet Market next door to the Cafe du Monde. The Esplanade Mall is about 8-10 blocks away from this location (right at a mile one foot) has a Target, Macy's, etc if you still need to kill time while waiting on your other arrivals.

            Also within walking distance of Harbor, about 3 blocks away, is Norma's Sweets, a Cuban bakery/bodega with tasty cuban sandwiches, tamales, and drinks (limited seating). There is a snowball stand in the parking lot if you want to sample another local specialty.

            Vietnamese food at Pho Sunrise (2305 Vets, right at 3 miles from the airport, and the restaurant is big enough and proprietors friendly enough to let to linger for a while). You could walk from Pho Sunrise to Chez Pierre, a Viet-French bakery with pastries and coffee (2211 Vets), if you tired of the pho shop during your wait.

            Or Mexican at Taqueria Chilangos (2723 Roosevelt, less than three miles from MSY, and way better food than Taqueria Corona). There is also Pollo Campero, on Williams near Vets (slightly less than 3 miles), a centroamerican fast food chicken joint......

            Slightly higher end than any of these places is The Brick Oven Cafe, on Williams just off the intersection of Williams and Vets (directly across the street from Pollo Campero). Italian, with a wood oven. Passable pizza, tasty chicken Vesuvio, with a full bar.

          2. Thank you all! I truly appreciate your assistance. I will not have a car, so I will either be hoofing it or taking a taxi. Now I have a lot of (more!) research to do! Thank you again!

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              There is NO acceptable food within hoofin' distance of the airport, unless you consider the Airport Hilton's stuff acceptable (and I do not). So you're gonna have to cab it. Sorry--it is to my eternal sorrow that NOLA's airport isn't better connected to public transportation options and/or better integrated into an accessible street grid.

              1. re: Hungry Celeste

                Great, thank you for setting me straight - taxi it will be! ;-) I work across the street from a Hilton and the food is bad.