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Mar 25, 2013 05:15 PM

Dans les Landes

I've read that Dans les Landes is open every day, closed Sunday, and closed Saturday and Sunday. Could someone (like maybe Parigi) let me know for sure, and also let me know the best things to order.

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  1. Parigi is on vacation, maybe Pti for whom this is her cantine, can inform.
    I've been burned by the conflicting info on days of closure; the only thing that reassures me is telephoning.
    As for what to order, the list is long. I'd go with what appeals that day.

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    1. re: John Talbott

      I never seem to know exactly when they're open or closed, sometimes during weekends or on Mondays I pass by when they should be closed and they're open, etc.
      If I get some new info I'll gladly pass it on.

      1. re: Ptipois

        I remember it is "theoretically" open all day 7 days a week, but off meal hours, the full menu is not available.
        The long menu changes often. Last time Pti and I went, we complained bitterly to the chef that regularly we found our fave dishes gone. -- But I do admire a chef who prioritizes season-fresh ingredients and creativity that he would rotate his most popular dishes.
        Our fave dishes, which are always on the menu: duck heart (coeur de canard), marinated quail (caille marinée), cipirones (fried baby squid). If caesar's salad or tamales is on the menu, grab it. If milassou is on the dessert menu, grab it and thank the deities.
        And if milassou is on the dessert menu, grab it

    2. Thanks to all of you for your help. I was able to make a reservation for Sunday lunch in early May using LaFourchette, although I have no idea how dependable that is. Thanks especially, Parigi, for the recommendations -- since the list is so long, it's good to have a few sure things.

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      1. re: alohatoall

        Re LaFourchette, we've used it many times in and outside Paris, works very well, no reliability issue. -- Jake

      2. Thanks, Jake - that sets my mind at ease. I'm responsible for the planning for my husband as well as my cousin and his wife, who are visiting Paris for the first time, and I'd hate to let them down. Mahalo and aloha, Ann

        1. One more vote for the millasou dessert, sort a fried pudding, was my fav dessert anywhere last year.

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