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Mar 25, 2013 04:52 PM

For Piccola Bussola an over due valentine [Mineola area]

There is a class of restaurant whose greatness shows in the creation of long term relationships. A place that ends back seat wars, "If there isn't complete silence now I'm turning this car right around and nobodies going to Piccola Bussola". When I was in the back seat the place that worked the magic was the Grotto Azura, gone after a multi generation run (Bemelmans wrote of it as an established fixture in 1941).
It has been a bit over twenty years of meals Piccola and I will be quite in anyone's back seat if they are headed there.

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      1. re: wewwew

        All of them equally? I thought they were no longer one ownership?

        What dishes are best there?

        I've only been to one once, for lunch, it was Steve's in Westbury.

        1. re: mcf

          Steve's in westbury I've been corrected by my family. We usually have chicken scarpariello, a pasta or two, fish livornese, after too many anitpasti. I can live without baked clams and the clam pasta white sauce. An uncle, no longer in prime eating shape but still stronger than me, suggests consulting Joey or Steve if the latter shows up. He indicates that they are helpful.
          The wine list was preserved in amber long ago and wasn't great shakes then.
          If this resto were in Brooklyn, it would be looked upon as an italian-American classic.

          1. re: wewwew

            It is sort of a step back in time, the waiters' age, dress, world weary but gracious demeanor. Have you been dining at the others at all?

            I've been curious about them, but I think given their time capsule quality, they don't get written about much here. Would love first hand info about each, and the differences.

            1. re: mcf

              Sorry, only one time capsule I know about. I am agree that the dated feel is an impediment to more appreciation. Perhaps a staff with more tats before they open in Williamsburg would be advisable.

              1. re: wewwew


                The food we had for lunch was good, very traditional, but it definitely felt like we weren't in Kansas any more, Dorothy. :-)

    1. Which Piccola Bussola, what town in which part of NY?