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Mar 25, 2013 01:46 PM

Saturday Dinner for 8 within 20-30 minutes of DFW

Need a restaurant recommendation for a group of 8 (fun group in the early 40s). Nothing too casual but we want a place where jackets are not required. We are celebrating and want to kick back with good food and wine. No seafood heavy restaurants.I was looking at Meddlesome Moth, Woodshed, Javier's and Avilia's based on some friends' recommendations. Please comment if you like or do not like and are they worth the drive. Are there any restaurants including steakhouses (that we cannot find in NY and Boston) to recommend? Would love if they take reservations. We have an early flight out of DFW on sunday and will be heading up from Waco for dinner. Help!

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  1. Victor Tango's is excellent. It's in the Knox/Henderson Area.

    My favorite steak house is Al Biernat's but for Saturday night you are going to want to wear ties if your aren't going to do jackets.

    The Bishop Arts district has some amazing eats.
    Bolsa is all local and organic and the menu changes on an almost daily basis. Tillman's roadhouse is a great TX atmosphere steakhouse. Hattie's is also good. It's American with a southern flair. Boulevardier opened recently and is a local favorite hot spot. It's a french neighborhood bistro.

    Meddlesome Moth has some great menu variety but the atmosphere is very loud on the weekends. I'm not crazy about Javier's the couple times I've been there my meals were just ok.

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      I'd do Bolsa over Meddlesome Moth. It is casual, but ... is that a problem? ;) I've had some great food there.

      Local might be someplace else to consider. Really good food and a slightly dressier vibe (but definitely *not* a place where they'd want you wearing jackets). Mesa has a somewhat similar ambience & also great food.

    2. We have now tried Woodshed and would say it is not worth the drive. Wine menu stinks. Food is above average but service has been horrible both times and tables around us both times complained to the GM so I know it was only our assessment. Personally, I would check out Mi Dia in Grapevine if you decide you want to minimize your drive after the night out. Wine menu is ok. You can go Mexican, Tex-mex, etc and their atmosphere would fit your requirements.

      1. First what Sunday or Saturday are you referencing? If you have enough time you can call for reservations to Lucia for Italian in Oak Cliff. Ask to speak to Jen Uygur.

        I would agree with Mi Dia from Scratch in Grapevine. The construction on 114/121 can be a nightmare at times though.

        I haven't heard anything recently on Hattie's in Oak Cliff. Maybe someone can chime in on thata one.

        Steak place I would recommend Pappas Steakhouse. I don't believe you need jackets there, they do take reservations, have awesome steak and one of the best wine lists in the state. It is gonna be pricey!!

        Meddlesome Moth is everyone is into craft beer and a nice selection of dishes then I would say yes.

        Javier's - no...would not go there

        Avila's - not as good as Mi Dia and definitely not as nice interior

        Woodshed - I hated the place when I went and vowed never to return. It is also pushing the 20-30 minutes from the airport

        Oak Lawn or Oak Cliff would be a good area for you guys

        Parigi would be a nice dinner and wine. I believe Janice takes reservations?

        Fearings would also be a nice option, great service, nice wine list, and great food and also has steaks! Fearings is also one of the best places for dessert in Dallas.

        I have heard good things about Nosh on Oak Lawn but have never been to that location.

        Mesa or Komali if you are into regional Mexican?

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        1. re: LewisvilleHounder

          I definitely concur with all the above from LH.

          Regarding Hattie's, They've must have had a change in the kitchen because although the food is still good, it's lacking a certain "punch" that it always used to have. I was disappointed that my shrimp 'n grits didn't taste quite the same as it always used to.
          Almost like some new cook in the kitchen was fiddling with the recipe.

          I'd add Bolsa, Smoke, and Nova to the mix if the OP will be in the Bishop Arts area.

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            Those might be a bit on the casual side especially Bolsa. Kinda a mixed bag in OC these days though, hipsters, hippies and the well dressed.

          2. re: LewisvilleHounder

            I hit Mi Dia from Scratch and Woodshed on a trip a couple of weeks ago and really liked both, for different reasons. Food and service at both were excellent. Woodshed is very casual. It was perfect for us on a gorgeous, sunny afternoon and they weren't crowded. Mi Dia was just a great place. I'd go back there anytime. It was pouring rain the night we went, so the patio was closed. But, it looked very inviting, even in the rain!

            The duck carnitas tacos at Mi Dia were great. Even my sister liked them, and she doesn't normally care for duck. I think they take reservations for parties of 6 or more.

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              awesome - this is helpful. will checkout Lucai, mia dia, Pappas and Fearings

            2. thanks all - we are going in mid May. Graduation at Baylor and then heading to Dallas for dinner. So we will be ready for a relaxed time with great food. Heard about Bolsa from someone else as well. We like good food and will look at some of the places closer to the hotel.