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Mar 25, 2013 01:24 PM

Sandra Lee Writes A Novel...

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  1. Perhaps SL is now following in the busy footsteps of The Pioneer Woman (tv food shows, blog, several cookbooks, one romance novel, two children's books)...can a few SL children's books be far behind? Even the "rugged" man in their lives..

    1. Well, she's buying 95% of crappy novel ingredients, assembling them, and putting it in a festive book cover.

      1. I admire her gritty exit from poverty, but I don't find her food or fiction options appealing.

        1. Her "autobiography" was partially fiction, so she has some experience. Hopefully she'll use the same childlike ghost-writer.

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              I wouldn't necessarily call it "fiction" but the whole thing was a one-sided recount of all the people and circumstances that had done her wrong in her life and how she was a victim and a survivor, blah, blah, blah.

              I don't feel sorry for her, her life was not that more difficult than what most people encounter.

              Her mother suffered from some sort of illness/depression/addiction (it was never clear which) that caused problems. But there were grandparents and other relatives that were there to help her. Someone paid for her to go to college, until she dropped out because "it wasn't fun anymore".

              Her Kurtain Kraft business failed and she dropped it. Then she had an affair with her married boss and he left his wife and children for her. That's how she got her connections to the media world. That's what is in her "autobiography".

          1. One can only imagine how she'll decorate the table at the book launch.

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              I broke out laughing at the title of this thread, and then again at your post, Withnail. ;-)