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Mar 25, 2013 12:52 PM

Doheny Kosher shut down

Apparently the RCA found they were bringing in treif meat when the mashgiach was out of the store. Seriously? Before Pesach to boot?

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  1. This could be much more exciting than the Shevach-Finkel scandal, here it is a large store under a major organization's supervision. And I am wondering how did the surveillance company get hired? Is there some kind of business dispute going on there? But I heard they stayed open, and there will be more chapters written in the saga.

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      1. Now the RCC has rebuked its decision: Please read to be fair to Doheny Meats.

        1. apparantly chabad is advising to use no RCC products/establishments ---their credibility is now zero.....

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            Whose credibility?

            from a misnagid

              1. re: apathetichell

                here is an excerpt from the letter sent out to the largest LA chabad community by the rabbi---

                For that reason, when such a thing happens in our city, it is a wakeup call that we need to be more careful with what we eat and what foods we bring into our homes. We need to not only pay for kosher; we need to actually eat kosher!

                Historically, the standard of Kashrus by Chasidei Chabad was very high. The saying of the Rabbiem was: "That which is prohibited is surely prohibited; and even that which is permitted, we don't have to have". Chasidei Chabad refrained from eating anything which they were not 100% sure that it was Kosher to their standards.

                Therefore, until this incident is fully resolved and everything is straightened out to our satisfaction, you should not buy any meat nor patronize any restaurant, unless it is from someone whom you personally know and trust that his meat has no Shailos.

                In general, one should not eat from any butcher or restaurant (even with a Hashgacha) unless the owner is Shomer Torah uMitzvos and either he or the Mashgiach is present most of the time. If the restaurant owner is either not a Yid, or isn't a Shomer Torah uMitzvos, even the best Hashgachah is not sufficient! The same standard applies for Milchig restaurants and bakeries as well.

                1. re: apathetichell

                  I don't know that Reb Shlomo is a big Chabad donor (don't know that he's not) but he is a big baal chessed, and that was the reward he received. I do know that he is definitely not a Chabadnik- he's yeshivish. I would suspect he simply took advantage of an opportunity, as we all would. People will eat from his establishment because they know him and his reputation. With a father-in-law who is one of the biggest poskim in America, and who knows kashrus at every level, and with an income stream large enough to dwarf that of Doheny Meats, there is no incentive to do things in any manner except properly. Since it is the biggest kosher meat house in LA, there are probably enough profits to be made businesswise. And since he probably bought it from the original owner for a song, after the reputation was trashed, the fixed cost of purchase was probably enviable. It's a winning formula all around, since the original fool limited the amount of goodwill that could be requested.

                  1. re: ganeden

                    " I would suspect he simply took advantage of an opportunity, as we all would" Scary words from someone in the kosher food industry my friend! If that were true, none of us could ever eat kosher out again! Let's hope that you are wrong!

                    1. re: gotcholent

                      I was discussing Reb Shlomo Rechnitz's acquisition of Doheny Kosher after the original owner was caught performing fraudulent activity. Certainly, if you could purchase a business at a discount relative to its true value and rehabilitate its image in a big way, maybe even increase its value over previous high levels, simply by your association with it, and assuming it was making a good return even prior to the debacle which caused its sudden devaluation, wouldn't you take advantage of such an opportunity? I know I would. Of course, there could exist those who would strategize and engineer such a situation, but such was not the case here.

                      1. re: gotcholent

                        I believe ganeden is referring to the new owner, who took advantage by buying Doheney at probably a cheap price.

                      2. re: ganeden

                        I'm sorry, I said reward, I meant award, and by the time I saw it I could no longer change it.

                        1. re: ganeden

                          No Dude, I am sorry for not having read the entirety of articles and thought that you were referring to the original owner who cheated everyone.....totally my bad, please excuse the shock and reaction, way way way off.