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Mar 25, 2013 12:48 PM

Great meal at Max & Leo's

We've been meaning to check out Max & Leo's in Newton for ages but never found the time. With the benefit of a last minute babysitting offer, we headed there on Friday. The place is tiny (maybe 20 seats in total), but thankfully snagged a table with no wait.

The place has many things going for it, including free parking out back. They have a really nice selection of pies. We tried a half margarita, half L'Enza (tomato, sausage, mushroom, mozzarella.) I'm picky about pizza, but have to say they nailed it. Perfect crust, slightly burnt and charred bottom of slice, great proportion of sauce and cheese and extremely tasty toppings - yum.

We also split a really nice mixed mesclun salad with roasted red peppers and pears. I also really enjoyed the small but solid beer selection, having a rather tasty Jack Abbey IPA and Goose Island's Matilda.

The staff was incredible sweet and friendly, and the musical selection (classic Portishead, Modest Mouse, etc.) made for a perfect Friday night out!

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  1. Been a fan from the start, dont know if you saw this:

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      We don't have anything remotely like that here. Color me envious!

    2. We just happened to get lunch there the other day - love that place! The L'Enza is my favorite. They also now have calzones during lunch (not yet on the online menu, for some reason.) Also had the baby spinach salad, which is great.

      1. Agree 100%. We don't even try to eat in but their pizza has become a regular for us. DH has sensitivity to soy (esp. oil & flour), which is heavily used in lesser quality pizza- even Sweet Tomatoes- and he can happily eat Max & Leo's. Ingredients are top notch, the pizza is an excellent balance of slight char and flavorful crust with just enough and not too much cheese. We have had great luck with the salads as well. We also found the all the staff to be friendly and efficient though I do blush a little bit when they greet me by name when they answer the phone. Yes, I know they have caller ID, but it's also true we order their pizza a lot.

        1. Are they going to expand seating? I remember they had some sort of hearing about that.

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            I asked the owner this a few months back and he said they were still working on permitting issues but that they do still plan to expand. I think it's some of the best pizza in Greater Boston. I am a big fan of their white pizza with sausage and caramelized onions. Their wings (baked in their oven and not friend) are also top notch. Buff's Pub used to be my go to spot when in that part of Newton but now I drive a few feet past Buff's and head right for Max and Leo's.