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Mar 25, 2013 12:14 PM

Maple Syrup festivals in GTA with actual locally produced Maple Syrup?

We went to Bruce's Mill on the weekend for the maple syrup festival, and there was literally no way to even be able to taste the syrup they were producing from those trees - everything they were serving and selling was made in Quebec :(

Are there any places in the GTA where you can try the syrup as its being made there, on the spot?

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  1. You could check with Bronte Provincial Park. I seem to recall they served local syrup the year I went (this is like 5+ years ago though):

    1. Check this link
      for local syrup festivals. Most of the smaller venues will have onsite produced syrup.

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        1. Does anyone have an opinion on what brands of maple syrup are best, and where I might get said syrup?

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            We were gifted a bottle of McCutchen's maple syrup made in Coldwater Ontario. I believe the gifter bought it from the Royal Winter Fair and omg, it was so flavourful. We had grade A and B. It made the stuff out of Loblaws taste like fake watery syrup. The maple syrup was fantastic in my butter tart rendition. I do not know if they have a retail store in GTA but it looks like they have an online shop.


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              The stuff mentioned in this thread a few years ago was really good, not sure what the current product tastes like though :

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                lol, that's quite the write-up... do you know if they still have it, by chance? I'm not certain what to ask for... "Maple syrup in a bell jar"? Maybe best to just go there...

            2. Did you ask them why? I wonder if their syrup wasn't ready yet or just not enough. I have relatives who make syrup and where they are the sap has only just started running and it's very inconsistant. This is a natural process so you can't guarantee that Mother Nature will co-operate.