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Mar 25, 2013 11:33 AM

Lounge similar to Hawthorne?


I need to find an upscale lounge like the Hawthorne somewhere in Boston that has great craft cocktails and fun seating areas to sit and talk (a lounge, not a nightclub, bar or restaurant). Ideally it would be a place that takes some reservations like the Hawthorne does. I am planning an event, and the night I must host it the entire Hawthorne bar is rented.


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  1. I don't know of any place that meets those criteria.

    1. How many people are you planning for?

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        1. re: monsjic

          With that few people, have you thought about the small front lounge-area at Eastern Standard? Or even the private room? Both can easily be reserved.

          1. re: monsjic

            Both in restaurants, but two places to try on the other side of the river are Catalyst (area in front of the fire place) and West Bridge (sofas around to the left when you enter).

        2. I really can't think of anything that hits everything. Maybe the Avery Bar at the Ritz? I wonder if you can reserve those little living room-style nooks?

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          1. re: LeoLioness

            calling what the ritz has a "cocktail program" is laughable, and i frequent the place.

            hawthorne does have a private room, and plus 1 on the front space at esk.

          2. Well, it's not in Boston but backbar could be nice. Not as "fancy" but it has a nice atmosphere and amazing drinks and it takes reservations.

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            1. re: xerxes_xerxes

              agree backbar is a close, nice space and when its empty is a great place to catch up. given the goal is talking, i'd point out that backbar gets quite packed on weekends at least, so for 6-8 people it might not fit the bill for noise level based on when (time, day of week) OP is looking for.