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Mar 25, 2013 11:28 AM

Franklin's BBQ "to go"

Has Franklin's started there "to go" service yet? Would love to avoid the line and call in an "to go" order on my way out of town. Maybe I'm dreaming!

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  1. Yup! Call 'em and order, days in advance, and you just swing by and pick it up before they open. Note that they fill up for TO-GO, so it works best if you have flexibility about what day you want to eat.

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    1. re: tom in austin

      Is there a minimum order to do this? I heard that it needed to be a whole brisket at minimum but not sure if this has changed?

      1. re: MattC02

        From Franklin:

        We accept pre-orders on either whole briskets, whole pork butts, or whole racks of ribs.

        We also accept orders for meat by the pound, with a minimum of 5 pounds total. We are unable to wrap different increments of meat separately.

        (example of an acceptable order: 3 pounds brisket, 2 pounds ribs, pint potato salad.)

        Sides may be added in pints or quarts.

        Orders must be placed at least 3 days in advance, (as long as we are not already full) and
        in order to skip the line, may only be picked up between 10:15 am and 10:30am. If you are unable to come during this time, you must wait in line.

        No plates and no sandwiches. To go only.

        Cost- Whole briskets generally weigh 5-7 pounds, racks of ribs are generally 2.5 pounds, pork butts are generally 4-5 pounds.
        Here is the full restaurant menu, which includes current pricing for meats by the lb. --

        For fastest response, please order by email.

        Don't know how much to order? We suggest 1/2 pound of meat (total)/person.

    2. The BBQ is okay but honestly it's not worth this level of trouble. Go somewhere else in town or just outside of it. You could probably drive to Lockhart or Taylor in back with less effort.

      1. Yes Franklin has started their to-go service but frankly (pardon the pun) I don't get the hype. At least not the stand in line to be seen by the hipsters mentality. We ordered, picked it up, took it back to the shop, ate it, now what? It was good I grant you but if you want to avoid the wait try Stiles Switch. There's a line, but nothing like Franklin's. And guess what, it's just as good.