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Mar 25, 2013 11:21 AM

Rural Quebec Dining

So I recently came back from an impromptu late season cross country ski trip at Mont Tremblant. We had dinner Saturday night at SEB in St Jovite and had a great time. We had the squab and bison as mains, well prepared with spring vegetables and a demi-glace sauce. Nothing mind blowing in terms of flavours/combinations but a perfect meal for a night in the country after a hard day of skiing.

Driving home, I started thinking about other rural QC dining experiences, and since it doesn't seem to be talked about here thought I'd post mine. Hopefully others can add to it (I haven't included sugar shacks which are a bit of a different experience)

Exceeded Expectations, great meal:
Manoir Hovey (eastern townships)
La Pinsonnière (Charlevoix)
Le Charlevoix -Fairmont Manoir Richelieu (Charlevoix)
SEB (Laurentians)

Good Meal, would recommend:
Auberge des Peupliers (Charlevoix)
Mouton Noir (Charlevoix)
Le Cheval de jade (Laurentians)

Les Zebres (Laurentians): not really a bad meal, but felt it was over-hyped, and was a fair bit out of the way for us
Cafe Massawippi (eastern townships)
pretty much every restaurant we went to in the Gaspe

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  1. Laurentians:
    Bistro a Champlain; Ste Marguerite de Lac Masson
    Aux Clef des Champs; Ste Adele
    both are great choices

    1. Absolutely agree with Manoir Hovey and Le Charlevoix. Anxious to try Mouton Noir the next time we're up north.

      1. Great restaurants worth going to:
        Auguste; Sherbrooke Qc
        Bistro a Chanplain; Ste Marguerite de Lac Masson
        Clef des Champs; Good classic fare I have not gone in 5 years
        Les Jardins Sauvage;St Roch

        1. Chez Saint-Pierre, Le Bic
          Bistro Côté Est, Kamouraska