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Mar 25, 2013 11:17 AM

ISO Corned Beef

Just before St. Patricks day I found a recipie for Pastrami. Rather than brining a brisket it called for a corned beef that gets a two day water bath then reseasoning with Pastrami spices then smoked, steamed etc. At the time Longos had lots of them. I picked up a small one and cooked it. It was fantastic. Now I can't seem to find corned beef anywhere. I checked Longos, Costco and Metro. No luck. I am looking for 3-4 lbs pieces. Is there a place In the GTA that regularly stocks this? I live in the west end and work in the north end so I am pretty flexible in terms of location.

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  1. Nortown does.


    Bathurst/Centre (Promenade Mall)
    Bayview/York Mills

    Not sure if it closes for Passover. Don't think so, but not 100% sure.

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      Thanks for your responses. I will check out Nortown after Passover ends. Would anyone know if Highland Farms has them?

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        Highland Farms has Brandt corned beef. I'm not sure if their deli counter has a house-made version. To me, if you're going to go to the trouble of making pastrami, you may as well spend the extra time and go to La Boucherie at the St Lawrence Market.

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          Thanks. I intend to try the ones from Nortown and SLM soon. SInce i last posted I was able to find what I was looking for at Starsky in Mississauga. I have also learned that Longos carries St. Helens regularly. They are sold out right now because of the St. Patrick's day demand. BTW, if anyone wants the recipie, Google "Third Eye Pastrami". Its a keeper...

      1. Loblaws and Food Basics have commercial versions from Maple Leaf and St. Helen's, in a cryovac type package.

        1. I am surprised you cannot find it in Costco. It's a frequent item here in NorCal and they had tons of it last week.

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            All that they have here is Kirkland sliced pastrami, which is cured from the round roast.

          2. Best place to get what you are looking for is The Village Grocer. The owner, Evan, does his own home-made corned beef in-house, and it's absolutely fantastic. I don't go anywhere else to get it now.
            The store itself was built 28 years ago and was located on Main Street in Unionville, but they've since relocated to a newer location just at the tip of Unionville, at 16th and Kennedy (they've been there two years I believe). It's really unbelieveable and they will let you sample it before you buy it (I get mine, shaved, a couple of times a week... then do it up on a great rye bread with some nice tangy mustard... how can you go wrong!!).
            I strongly urge driving out there if it's even a bit out of your way. The staff are so friendly and the store itself is so lovely and aesthetically pleasing. They've got quite a following.
            Also... Evan also does his own maple sugar ham, black forest ham, delicious keilbassa sausage, killer pepperettes and landjaeger sausage..
            So I hope I've been convincing but I can't speak more highly of this place in terms of the quality of their meats (corned beef especially) among other things I haven't mentioned yet that you'll find elsewhere in the store.

            Here's the location:

            The Village Grocer
            4476 16th Ave Markham, ON L3R 0M1

            They're open today until 6 pm I believe.