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Jury Duty - Temple & Bway

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Best bets for lunch? Preferably walking distance or transit.

Little Tokyo? (Daikokuya? Monzo? Sushi Gen?)
Somewhere in Chinatown?

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  1. In Chinatown, CBS Seafood for dim sum, or JR Bistro for very good Chinese lunch dishes. Phillipe's, of course.

    1. Most courts staff eat here on a regular basis. They specialize in old school big hot Italian sandwiches (not for vegetarians):

      Eastside Market
      1013 Alpine Street
      Los Angeles, CA 90012


      1. There is a way of taking the subway to Langers. I did it when I was on Jury Duty. As we had about 2 hours for lunch it was very easy ad the train stopped at Langer's doorstep.

        1. In Little Tokyo:

          Monzo (for udon)
          Men Oh (for ramen)
          Suehiro (for everything else except sushi)

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            I tried to go to Monzo, but sadly it's closed on Monday.

          2. There's also Grand Central Market (3rd & Hill/Broadway). I like the tacos, burritos and tortas at Ana Maria's and Tacos Tumbras a Tomas.

            1. The Colburn School of Music is a block away from the courthouse, and it has an excellent cafe in a beautiful space. Wide variety of cuisines and specials. When I have a trial downtown, it's the go-to lunch every day. You can eat indoors or outdoors in the lovely patio.

              1. Go to the LA Dept of Transportation website and check out the DASH service -- vans or small busses that run every six minutes or so several routes thru downtown up to Chinatown and down as far as the fashion district. Used to be a quarter -- I think they might be up to 50 cents per trip.

                Phillippe's is very close to Union Station. Historic and worth trying, lines and sawdust on the floor. Pork or lamb dips better than the beef, which can be dry. One sandwich doesn't nearly fill me up -- supplement with a bowl of chili or stew. Eastside Deli -- mentioned above -- has HUGE sandwiches that I can't finish. I like the hot roast beef and pastrami, which is sort of Italian beef-style and comes with mild cheese and soft peppers. Much better value than Phillippe's.

                In Chinatown, many court personnel lunch at Yang Chow. You really need a group to do this justice, as they don't have lunch combos or specials. Their slippery shrimp is a classic dish -- almost every table will order it.

                The renovated Figat7th complex is accessible by DASH.

                No matter where you go, wear your jury badge prominently. There are only so many places to eat lunch, and you do not want to inadvertantly hear conversations from attorneys, judges, or others involved in the court process that could cause you (and them) complications. So don't take it off during lunch.