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HELP! Where to buy passion fruit pulp/puree/juice in Toronto?

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After a week south, I am once again reminded of how much I love, love, love passion fruit. I've tried supermarkets (and even specialty places like Pusateri's) but the fresh produce is laughable. Has anyone seen good ripe passion fruit or passion fruit frozen/juiced or pureed in any store in Toronto? I want to make a passion fruit sauce for Easter dinner.

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  1. for the pulp, i would try any of the spanish/latino grocery stores probably in the west end or downtown. In spanish, passion fruit is called maracuya. u can probably also try the big asian stores like t&t but i think your best bet is in the spanish store. look in the frozen foods section.

    For the juice, i've seen Rubicon brand at loblaws/no frill/rcss/sobeys. you can find the passion fruit one... its in a big purple tetra box. good luck!

    1. do you have markets that carry the Ceres brand? here in the US that's a great option for all those sorts of exotic fruit juices and nectars.

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        The Ceres passion fruit is nice juice but it is a blend.

      2. There was just a thread on this a couple of days ago.

        1. I have purchased passion fruit puree at McEwan's in the past. It has been over a year since I bought it though. IIRC the puree at McEwan might have had some pear in it, so not 100% passion fruit.

          1. Thanks, everyone. I found both canned pulp (no seeds) for my passion fruit curd and frozen (with seeds) for my sauce at M & J Fruit at 1263 Dundas West, as suggested on another thread. Haven't tried either yet, but expect neither will be as flavourful as the fresh fruits. (Sigh.)

            1. You can also try baking supply stores if you want/need a larger amount. Boiron makes frozen fruit purees, including passion fruit, that are 100% fruit in about 1L amounts. I've bought from Signature Fine Foods and also Bonnie Gordon's cake/pastry college.