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Mar 25, 2013 11:08 AM

HELP! Where to buy passion fruit pulp/puree/juice in Toronto?

After a week south, I am once again reminded of how much I love, love, love passion fruit. I've tried supermarkets (and even specialty places like Pusateri's) but the fresh produce is laughable. Has anyone seen good ripe passion fruit or passion fruit frozen/juiced or pureed in any store in Toronto? I want to make a passion fruit sauce for Easter dinner.

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  1. for the pulp, i would try any of the spanish/latino grocery stores probably in the west end or downtown. In spanish, passion fruit is called maracuya. u can probably also try the big asian stores like t&t but i think your best bet is in the spanish store. look in the frozen foods section.

    For the juice, i've seen Rubicon brand at loblaws/no frill/rcss/sobeys. you can find the passion fruit one... its in a big purple tetra box. good luck!

    1. do you have markets that carry the Ceres brand? here in the US that's a great option for all those sorts of exotic fruit juices and nectars.

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        The Ceres passion fruit is nice juice but it is a blend.

      2. There was just a thread on this a couple of days ago.

        1. I have purchased passion fruit puree at McEwan's in the past. It has been over a year since I bought it though. IIRC the puree at McEwan might have had some pear in it, so not 100% passion fruit.

          1. Thanks, everyone. I found both canned pulp (no seeds) for my passion fruit curd and frozen (with seeds) for my sauce at M & J Fruit at 1263 Dundas West, as suggested on another thread. Haven't tried either yet, but expect neither will be as flavourful as the fresh fruits. (Sigh.)