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Mar 25, 2013 10:32 AM

Changes in the Offing for Chez Jay's

Hopefully it won't be enough to ruin the atmosphere.

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      1. re: mc michael

        Prophetic as the article appears next to the obituaries in the Times.

      2. Something doesn't add up. If they're building a new kitchen and adding a service window (and turning the current 150 foot kitchen into a private room. "if it means losing some of the back rooms where screenplays got worked over and composers dined on steak encrusted in coarsely ground pepper and bacon. " - is that what happened in the kitchen? Screenplays got worked over?

        Now, I know there are some additional rooms in the back, including one that has been used as a private room. Are they adding on to onto the kitchen? Taking it away? Piece doesn't tell you.

        Sounds like they're just adding on. Not taking anything away.

        But will it spoil their character if there was a walk up window in the rear? Doubt it. Sounds like another place in the back.

        See if they can foist that potato-banana and cheese dish to tourists. Get Guy Fieri to say "This stuff is the bomb!" (he probably did already )

        1. Wow. So interesting,

          Ironically, I was there just a few days ago. I have to say the steaks there are pretty terrible. (I tried it for the very first time). But that's not exactly why you go there for.