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Jun 17, 2006 10:52 AM

Placerville Restaurant

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I am looking for the best restaurant in the Placerville area. . . great food, service, and ambiance. Does anyone have any places for me to try?



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  1. I would say to try Zachary Jacques Country French Cuisine 1821 Pleasant Valley Road 530-626-8045 -and- Sequoia in the Bee-Bennett House 643 Bee Place 530-622-5222

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    1. re: anniediaz

      Have you eaten at Zachary Jacques since they changed owners? Is it still as good?

      1. re: Steve Timko

        Steve, I haven't yet, but they did a long review in the Sac Bee recently and it sounds like its still great. We're overdue for a visit!

    2. Unfortunately the new owners tried really hard but missed the boat by quite a bit. And there's no point in listing how and why now, since they're gone.

      The owners before them opened a To Go place called ALLEZ! in ElDorado, with the idea that you could pick up a gourmet dinner on the way home from work.....or just a side, or an entree or a dessert......everything quite different. Their cooking is great but the concept is unique and maybe a bit too sophisticated for this area. I hope they make it!

      As for the brand new owners of Zachary Jacques (I think they've been there less than a month now), the place is getting some badly-needed lighting and sprucing up outside. Hopefully inside too. I'll report as soon as we get a chance to try dinner.

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        Sacramento Magazine had a great writeup on Zachery Jacques and the Chef John Evans, so we drove up to dine at this little place. Food was fantastic and a bargain, these local folks are lucky to get a Cordon Blu chef up there. It's a hidden gem!