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Food Event - Korean Chicken Wing Pop-up - April 8 to 10th

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Came across this event thanks to jLunar's blog. Looks interesting,


Anyone else going? Reserved on April 10th.

Happening in the Elle M'a Dit space on Baldwin

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  1. I'm going! XD

    Interesting - they added a wednesday!

    http://www.foodpr0n.com -- food. is. love.

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      I was going to go, but I wanted to go for lunch. Bummed that they're only doing dinner :(

    2. they are fully booked now but did anyone go yet? Going Wednesday night

      Edit, just checking their twitter and they mentioned earlier they could "Squeeze a few more in" so maybe best to check on their twitter for last minute cancellations/etc for tomorrow/wednesday night

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      1. I'm going tonight- and have been scouring the net trying to find review (photos!)....nada.

        I don't think I've been this excited about fried chicken...since...ever?

        1. Here are a few photos:


          I was supposed to go last night, but ended up having to cancel. My friends said "you didn't miss that much".

          1. My notes:
            - Skip the fries. They're not anything special and they're cafeteria stock.
            - The chicken is cooked nicely (juicy, etc), but it's not KFC to me. Please adjust expectations there.
            - Maybe treat this like a snack. I went with 6 other people, split two large baskets (we did not finish them all) and 2 fries. Then we supplemented elsewhere.

            And that's all there is. I am happy they've done this, hope they tweak, and that's about it. Excited peeps should dial their expectations down to low.

            Mostly, I'm missing some of that crunch that I'd expect from KFC. I don't mean Bonchon crunch (which I don't love), but it's just not more than spicy flavoured chicken wings. Tasty enough, but not KFC.

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              Sounds like a waste of time if one of the two items is a skip.

              1. re: jlunar

                Do you think your expectations might have just been too high? Because the pictures of the chicken look awesome!!

                1. re: kwass

                  I think I had certain expectations of how the chicken should be, texturally. And to me, that is what KFC is all about. And I really really wanted KFC.

                  So, I don't think my expectations were high - I'd like to think I'm generally pretty good at managing them - but that I was expecting something else and didn't get it.

                  Maybe I just only know a certain kind of KFC? The post from VTV seemed to imply that this was within KFC parameters and that was based on her reasonably "authentic"/valid experience. I agree with her "it should be more saucy" comment too.

                  But, in the end, I thought it telling *I* didn't want to eat more of the wings...! And really, they were perfectly good wings, despite my off-the-mark expectations.

                  Anyway, don't let me be a Debbie-downer! My expectations are not yours, and again, they weren't bad, just not what I wanted/expected. More photos to whet the appetite!

                  1. re: jlunar

                    You're definitely not a Debbie-downer!! It sounds like you know KFC wings, and these didn't quite make the mark.

                    1. re: jlunar

                      Thanks! I will go with expectations of chicken wings then, and see where that takes us...

                      The fries? They sure do look as bad as you said. Seems silly to have 50% of the food be below average...

                2. Found this blog post with a write up and pics.

                  Thanks jLunar for the write up. Will definitely skip the fries.

                  Did you not finish the wings because they weren't good or were you guys getting full? Thinking how much to order between 3 people, want to try both flavours.

                  Is the portion in the pics that TorontoJo posted
                  a double ?

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                  1. re: ylsf

                    That was a large in those photos (from the link TorontoJo posted), one of each flavour. I think for 3, you could order 2 small, 1 of each flavour and be fine. Depends on how hungry you were.

                    We didn't finish because, I think, it just wasn't compelling enough. There were, I think, 3 left. And we did eat some more after.

                    I don't regret going, chicken was tasty, but it's not a return in its current state.

                    Mama's and Ajuker all still hold their spots for my local KFC love.

                  2. I went tonight. We decided to get a large order of the spicy and a small order of the soy garlic between 3 people. Was enough food, I was pretty full after. They wings were big.

                    Just looking them as "chicken wings" I thought they were great. I would definitely order again if they were a real fast casual type restaurant. Probably wouldn't make a big effort to go to a pop-up again unless they added some other sides/etc but I enjoyed the wings and I would recommend for people to try them.

                    For "Korean Fried Chicken" I have no point of reference.

                    Staff was pleasant, service was prompt. We sat on the ground floor, the 2nd floor looked a lot busier and nosier but it was nice on the main floor.

                    Overall I good night out and decently priced.

                    Thanks for saving me on the fries. A friend confirmed that they were frozen McCain fries.

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                    1. re: ylsf

                      my gf and i went wednesday just after 6:30pm. place was easy to find with a small "open house" type sign on the side walk.

                      we ordered 2 orders of small (one per flavour) and this was enough for us. the wings had good crunch and kept their crunch til the last one. the quality of the meat was also quite good and moist. i would have liked them to come hotter in temperature as the last few wings had gotten cool by the time i got to them. the fiery pepper had a good spice kick, but the soy garlic could have used more garlic (but i understand it's very easy to go too heavy). i liked the amount of sauce as i find over-saucing can make korean fried chicken soggy rather quickly (which i've had at bon chon and ajuker). the coleslaw and pickled radish was quite limp and not very crisp or refreshing.

                      we really like the KFC wings at mad for chicken (just around the corner from the manhattan bon chon), which have similar crunch to dubon's rendition, but are less "puff" (i don't know how else to describe it). mad for chicken also has an option for wings only - which is a nice treat (for those who prefer wings over drums). http://madforchicken.com/

                      apparently, the cbc was in on tuesday to add to their segment on pop-up shops, which could possibly air sometime in may