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Mar 25, 2013 08:08 AM

Where to buy sausage patties?

I'm thinking of making sausage and egg mcmuffin style breakfast sandwhiches to take to work. Which ones tastes the best and where can I buy them? TIA

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  1. You'd probably be better off with ground pork and making your own.
    I have a copy cat recipe for Jimmy Dean style breakfast sausage. Which, BTW, are available in patty form at some (if not all) Longo's.


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    1. re: Davwud

      There is also Johnsonville sausage patties at Metro.

    2. I do what Davwud does. Making your own is easy and you can experiment.

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      1. re: GoodGravy

        +1 Make your's SO easy. I always have some in the freezer

        All you need is ground (or chopped) pork, salt, pepper, a small dash of white or brown sugar, and some dried sage (or even better, some Bell's turkey seasoning).
        If you want a softer texture, add a very small amount of matzo meal. If you want to duplicate the taste of most store bought sausage, add a tiny bit of MSG.

        1. re: The Professor

          Salt, pepper and garlic are really all you need. They're quite tasty.


      2. I use an old 3" muffin ring for shape and pack 'em with a 1/2" or so of whatever sausage mix you fancy. Pop 'em out, separate with waxed paper or plastic wrap, freeze. Done.

        I find the Johnsonville patties to be pricey and way too sweet--my kid inhales them, though, and usually rejects the
        spicier, weird flavored mixes I concoct. Still, they're especially good with pancakes.

        Think all we're saying is that DIY is quick, easy, and provides scope for huge fun.

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        1. Royal beef at Danforth and Woodbine has sausage patties.

          1. schneiders is available at metro in the frozen food section. they shrink quite a bit (lots of fat) but give you the really porky breakast sausage flavor. they are usually kept near the cavendish (sp?) potato patties...i'm surprised they don't put english muffins there too!