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Mar 25, 2013 07:50 AM

Having a baby at 58th and 10th -- great takeout nearby for right after?

So yes, I'm having a baby at 58th and 10th. I'm gonna be hungry afterwards, and hospital food won't do it. Need suggestions for great takeout nearby!

This won't be the time for sushi or little salads. I'm looking for amazing pasta, stews, roasted fish, great burgers.... They don't necessarily have to deliver, but closer is better if they don't. Cost isn't a factor, just want it to be celebratory. (But that in no way rules out, say, great tacos.)


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  1. Maybe Basso56 or Whym?

    And if you really want to go and splurge on red beef and potatoes, there's a bunch of steakhouses in/around that area, like Palm, Empire, Ruth's Chris, etc.

    1. Landmarc does delivery and you can order online. While it's not the most amazing restaurant, their burger is pretty good. French onion soup? Some roasted marrow bones? Boeuf Bourguignon? I also like their sauteed wild mushrooms.

      1. Burger Joint is close enough