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Mar 25, 2013 07:50 AM

Looking for Matias herring in San Antonio

My Polish is here and we want to prepare a traditional Polish Easter this weekend. We are having trouble finding herring. The only thing we can find is the jars they sell in HEB...yuck.
Is there a Jewish or German deli (not restaurant but shop) here in town?

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  1. I really don't know of any except Schilo's downtown.There is or was a place named Europa Foods in New Braunfels.
    Now if you were in Milwaukee or Buffalo wouldn't be any problem finding what you want.My dad had trouble finding some of the german sausages that he grew up with in Milwaukee. Grandpa was a butcher .Don't know if grandma ever made any for the family .She used to make griebenschmaltz and use rendered chicken fat or goose fat sometimes when making cookies.Both his parents were german but grandma may have made some hungarian and polish stuff too.
    Listen There used to be both a polish and a hungarian restaurant in San Antonio at one time,but I believe both are gone. You might see if H.E.B. Central Market on Broadway or Groomer's Seafood has the herrings you want.
    No jewish delis around here;unless maybe you contacted one of the synagoges in town and ask them if they know of any kosher delis in San Antonio.
    If daddy wanted rollmops he just bought the herring in jars.
    Despite all the Poles;Germans;Czechs and Hungarians around here;it's really hard to find our type of ethnic food.

    1. Jewish delis r closed this week in observance of Passover

      Scandinavians also eat MATJES herring