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Mar 25, 2013 06:42 AM

Wine Suggestions for this Interesting Menu / First Time Corkage Advice


I'm throwing a party at this restaurant and it would be great to get some wine suggestions. The menu has some portuguese influence but contains a variety of flavors.

This will be my first time bringing my own wine and have been notified corkage fee at the restaurant is $25. For a party of 11, would it be correct to assume bringing a few bottles myself around the $15-30 range would end up saving me some $$$?


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  1. What is the price of a "regular" bottle of wine at that restaurant ? Is the corkage $25 per bottle ?

    If the corkage + price of your bottle is nearly the same a a regular restaurant bottle, IMO, it is not worth it to bring in wine.

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      Thank you all for the responses.

      I believe that the wine list starts at ~$50 and goes up to several hundred dollars. The corkage fee is indeed $25 per bottle with no limit.

      The drinkers are several young ladies not sophisitcated in terms of wine at all, so I would assume something with low tannins may suit their taste.


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        I'd flip the white and red (bring 2 white bottles and one red). Pinot noir is very low in tannins for red, as is Beaujolais.

        For whites there's legion of varieties. I'd suggest one more sour/lemon lime to troipical fruity (e.g. Vinho Verde (appropriately portuguese), pinot grigio, or sauvignon blanc) and one other - either with a bit of sweetness (riesling, chenin blanc) or a round/oily/buttery feel (chardonnay, white rhones, soave).

      2. If all of the party of 11 drinks substantially, you'll probably go through five bottles. I'd bring 2 red (Pinot Noir is a pretty safe bet and goes with a lot of things) and one white (riesling or sauvingon blanc).

        By the glass, is almost always a rip-off at restaurants, but if you are planning to order bottles at the restaurant that actually may be cheaper than bringing your own.

        Usually, you get better VALUE bringing your own wine IF your bottle is at least the price of the corkage fee (e.g. $25 +). Better value does not mean cheaper - there may very well be bottles on their list that go for $40.

        If your friends are into wine, they'll appreciate enjoying a bottle that would be say $70 on the wine list (or if it's a poor wine list would never be on it at all) but they're getting to enjoy it for $55.

        On the other hand, if your friends are not into wine - I'm sure they'd just rather go with whatever is cheapest and it may not be worth the effort to bring your own bottles.

        1. I'd echo golddang and Max. I'd also confirm with the restaurant that there is no limit. It doesn't sound like it but I'd make sure.

          1. Left over 2012 Vinho Verde is going for $3.99 a bottle and should start things off on the right foot.

            1. The wine list starts at ~$50 and goes up to several hundred dollars. The corkage fee is $25 per bottle with no limit.

              Also, I'm located in NYC for those that may know of a special spot to pick something up