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Mar 24, 2013 09:06 PM

Killer Food + Fun Time, Party of 10 Please?

Looking for an restaurant option that satisfies the following needs:
- Great food (could be simple, could be complex)
- Seats groups of 10
- Potentially lively
- Everyone is about 30 years old

Here's what I've been thinking about:

Bacchanal (looks interesting)
GW Fins (little stuffy)
K-Pauls (gotta be good right??)
Acme Oyster House - Casual, Oysters and (maybe crawfish)
Cochon (already doing the night before)

Thanks for the thoughts

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  1. Bacchanal is not really a restaurant. You could go there afterwards--it's kind of like a big patio/yard where you can buy bottles of wine and hang out. You will need a car. K-Pauls has really good food in my opinion, but it's not really lively/fun exactly. There are tons of fun places--I'll let someone else make some suggestions.

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    1. re: travelbuff

      Bacchanal fits the OP's criteria well actually. Although not a traditional restaurant, the food is quite good (very good if you consider the price). In addition to the courtyard and wine service, the upstairs is open now and provides some shelter from the elements as well as a bar where they're making cocktails. A $10 cab ride from the FQ.

      On the edge of the Bywater there's also Mariza -- they have a hopping crowd pretty much every night and long high tops that should be able to handle 10. On my visits the crowd's been mid-professional and local. The food's great though not traditional New Orleans by most any measure. Safely walkable from the FQ.

      A spot where I've had success with groups about your size is Lilette up on Magazine St. There's plenty you can read on CH and elsewhere about them. Nice lively bistro feel to the place and excellent food & service. A cab ride.

      1. re: montuori

        Thanks so much for the response. Both Mariza and Lilette look excellent as well.

        Are you familiar with Jacques Imo?

        1. re: ratheramused

          Jacques Imo's was the first place I thought of when reading the header to your post. Although I have not eaten there yet, it's on my bucket list as friends have highly recommended it. Our daughter and a group of her former college roommates dined there last year and loved it as well. It's a cab ride from The Quarter and next to The Maple Leaf Bar. For a more elegant (but certainly not stuffy) atmosphere, Muriel's (Jackson Square) would be an excellent choice, IMO. We've dined there several times and have always been more than impressed with the food and service. If you choose the latter, ask to speak to Denise when making reservations.

          1. re: ratheramused

            Jacques Imo's fits the bill if you can get a reservation. If not, you'll be waiting forever. Food is good, not great, except for the fried chicken. I love lilette, but I'm not sure it's the place for 10 lively 30 year olds. If yall want to keep it buttoned up to some degree, by all means go there. You can hit Bouligny Tavern before or after.

            1. re: N.O.Food

              Regarding Lilette: Gosh. Perhaps I'm not as lively as I think I am. (Getting older is kind of a bitch like that.)

              Anyway, I agree with your J-I assessment. I really don't get why it's recommended so often. They have a couple of novelty items (the deep fried roast beef poboy is interesting) but nothing that I'd consider outstanding. Didn't know about the fried chicken ... though St. Lawrence is currently filling that niche for me, and that's a few miles (read: walk, not drive) easier. Actually, when I say it out loud, St. L.'s isn't a bad spot for lunch with a group.

      2. Maybe this party has past, but you have to go with Jacque Imo's. They only take reservations for larger parties, and with that many people, you're bound to get the "bonus room", where there's one long farm table in a room by itself. It's always a great place for a large party.

        Skip Acme. If you want oysters, do Drago's.
        Bacchanal's is just a wine bar.

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            The last time I was at Bacchanal's, which was Oct 2011, the only food there was from a food truck, which was quite delicious, but there was not food sold from Bacchanal's. Being that I paid cash for the food, I assume that they are two different entities, two different companies. Therefore, I don't think of them as a connected one, seeing that the food truck could go elsewhere and sell its food at other bars that don't offer food.

              1. re: Gizmo56

                I'm fuzzy with the chronology exactly but they had a kitchen downstairs in the back for a while and either because of renovations or the city -- or both -- had to close it. While it was closed they parked a food truck in the driveway and cooked from there. Concurrently, they had issues with their live music license (or, more specifically, lack thereof) and un-permitted outdoor kitchen and ended up doing what they could to scrap by.

                Now though the inside kitchen's operational lunch and dinner, the live music's back, the upstairs bar and seating is open, and they have a new cocktail program. The bar upstairs and the food are still cash only but I heard they were working on that. Really a fabulous spot, great bands, cheap wine, and good food -- all out there at the edge of the world.

              2. re: makelifeinteresting

                Yes, Bacchanal does a full menu on site and the kitchen is open all day. Since you've been, they've opened an upstairs dining room and expanded the service hours. It would be a good option for the OP's group if they are still looking.