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Mar 24, 2013 08:11 PM

La Table d'Eugene

Hi all,

I've heard a lot of good things about La Table d'Eugene and would like to go there for dinner. Do you know how far in advance I need to make reservation for dinner? My husband and I will be in Paris at the end of May. Does anyone know how much their dinner prix fixe menu cost? I found their lunch menu prices but not dinner. Do they also have escargot (since this is Paris, I'm assuming they will offer escargot in the menu)? We didn't get to eat it last time & my husband would love to have some while we are in Paris.
Many thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Unless things have changed recently, making reservation one week prior is plenty of time.

    Dinner prix fixe is 35€ (appetizer, entree, dessert).

    I've never seen escargot there, they only have a few options each night, but they change regularly so maybe they sometimes do have escargot.

    1. Since it's my neighborhood joint and no one has replied I don't want to leave you hanging.
      No idea about dinner; I reserve a couple of days in advance for lunch.
      Dinner "menus" are 38 and 78E (carte 50-65 E).
      I've never seen escargots there; if he needs a fix, go to a brasserie or if you have an apt rental they're easy enough to buy and cook - even for me.

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        Oh, I guess the price went up by 3 euros since my last meal there...

      2. @Rio Yeti & John Talbott: Thank you so much for your help. I wanted to have an idea of how much the dinner would probably cost so I can calculate my budget. We are staying at a hotel so I think we are gonna have to go to a brasserie so my husband can get his escargot fix. Thank you again :)

        1. It looks like things have changed; concierge wasn't able to m make a mid-week dinner (4/24) for 2 reservation about 2 weeks in advnace as it was fully booked. This will be missed, but certainly a good insurance for return trip.

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          1. re: Kurtis

            Do not despair, Kurtis. Do you know about La Rallonge? Table d'Eugene's little sister just a couple of doors away? The same kitchen, same cooking, small plates, wine bar format, young hip crowd. It was only half full when we were at La Table two weeks ago. Worth a try...


            1. re: mangeur

              [ hmm, where can I find similar in 18th...]

              mangeur, you read my mind... thanks!

              1. re: Kurtis

                Not sure what you mean by "find similar in the 18th", Eugene and Rallonge are both in the 18th, indeed cheek to jowl.