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Jun 16, 2006 03:58 PM

Dimsum in Modesto

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Modesto finally has it's own dimsum place and standards are similar to the bay area.

Dynasty Restaurant
3500 Coffee Road

It's actually the first in the area including Manteca and Turlock.

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  1. Times and days of the week, please. What did you try and like?

    1. Hello,

      Has anyone else tried this? Are they still there? I'm visitng next month and am interesting in learning more about this place!

      1. We'll be going to Yosemite on sunday. I hope they are open for sunday lunch.

        1. Friend of mine told me he had dim sum in Modesto last month. I presume this is the place.

          1. Because no one else has bothered... Dynasty is open M-F 11- 9:30 and S/S 10- 9:30, Dim Sum is available daily until 3 pm.

            They have a website (


            The website offers a menu option with pictures (which is usually a bad sign but really it's just that Modesto is a small place and people don't understand Dim Sum)

            I recommend the Pork Bun, Shrimp Dumpling and Beef Noodle Roll. All three are excellent. I have had the normal menu items as well (the chow mein is greasy) and they aren't as good as the Dim Sum. Next time I go I'll take my camera so people get pictures.

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              Another Modesto restaurant serving dimsum.

              New Hong Kong Restaurant
              2312 McHenry Ave
              Modesto, CA 95350

              They have porridge and other things you won't find in Dynasty.