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Mar 24, 2013 07:06 PM

Miki's market closing [Palo Alto]

Miki's in Palo Alto, which opened in Oct. 2012, is having a 30% off sale and will close 4/1. Too bad.

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  1. I rated their chances at low but hoped they made it. The layout and food selection and prices just didn't seem right - and too close to a whole food. Too bad indeed.

    1. Any source for this? That's only a little more than 6 months!

      It seemed like a good location, too: was it too close to the remodeled Piazza?

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      1. re: tardigrade

        This published this morning.

        The comments from readers are interesting.

        Many things to call out as faults. But I can't help but be angry at the community for not supporting a local market. I finally got in there last Monday and it breaks my heart that it's closing down.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          It's not in my neck of the woods, but even if it was, I end up at one larger-cheap-store (safeway et al) and one specialty-type store every week. That specialty store is turning out to be the milk pail more and more often. I doubt Miki's would have overcome the milk pail, even if I lived on that side of town.

          1. re: bbulkow

            I loved Miki's cheese counter, which was far better than anything else around. But everything else seemed comparable to other places in the area. That combined with the problematic location - not near anything else, hard to get in and out of - makes for a tough combination for a boutique store.

            I wouldn't get angry at people for not supporting a store that wasn't enough of either a local or regional destination to overcome its location handicap. Maybe the cheese folks can open a smaller cheese-only shop nearby, but in a better location?


          2. re: Melanie Wong

            Breaks my heart too. I stopped by when ever I was in that area but was worried about it as it was always pretty empty...

          3. re: tardigrade

            The developers and Palo Alto city planners didn't think this development very thoroughly. It comes down to parking. Access to this shopping center and new housing development is just plain horrible

          4. Awww...I regret that I didn't take the time to stop in enroute to Philz every Sunday.

            1. That's too bad. I wondered how they were going to make it since the store was always empty when I was there. Much of the produce, one of the draws for me, looked tired and old, perhaps due to the low turnover.

              1. Was there yesterday. Pickings are slim, although there was still a modest selection of shelved and bulk items, a few cheeses (nothing approximating their former selection), baked goods and what I think is a decent cheesecake, Rosen's, both large and small, chocolate/vanilla and plain.

                I had been impressed with Miki's on former visits, particularly the cheese section/knowledgeable staff and also prepared food/take-out. It was sad to be there yesterday, especially knowing that all those people are losing their jobs.