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Mar 24, 2013 07:04 PM

Tasty Take-Out Chicken - Bulk or Large Quantities (Toronto)

Hi Hounds!

I posted one other thread on Rotisserie chicken and got so many helpful responses that I've decided to post on another topic and hope to be steered right again.

The other day, I ate some stewed barbecue chicken from Lucky Lin's (Markham Rd and Eglinton E) at a birthday party and it was quite good. I found out that it was sold by weight or quantity and that the price was very reasonable. Now, I don't live in the east so I won't get out to Lucky Lin's often but I do want to start collecting suitable places anywhere in the GTA (with a preference for central or west Toronto or even Mississauga) to sample. So my question is:

Can anyone recommend a place that sells large orders (say 4-5lbs or 12-15 pieces, for example) of tasty cooked chicken (stewed, barbecued, curried, etc. but NOT rotisserie or churrasco) at a reasonable price? I'm also looking to buy chicken only - no side dishes.

Something like Popeye's might fit the bill, but obviously I'm not here looking for recommendations to Popeye's! The chicken can be cooked in any style using any seasonings so long as it's reasonably tasty, and I can buy several meals' worth at a good price to bring home and eat with raw or steamed veggies.

Chowhounds has done so much for my gustatory life and I'm sure you will come through again, so thanks in advance.

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  1. I usually grab a pound (~$9) of chicken from Ritz on Yonge street....I like both the fried and BBQ chicken. The jerk is pretty good too.

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    1. re: Shimso

      Yeah, I've bought from Ritz by the pound before too, but it's a little pricey when I can get a whole 2-3 lb bird at some places for $9-10 or 1lb at Ritz for the same price.

      That's the kind of thinking that I'm looking for. I think that since Ritz specializes in full meals their price for chicken only isn't stellar. But the chicken's not bad at all. Neither the fried, barbecue, nor the jerk.

      Standard fare, but I'd say good, reliable standard fare.

    2. i don't really have a suggestion other than don't sell popeye's short, it's really bloody good

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      1. re: disgusti

        Had Popeye's spicy chicken this weekend.... no hate here.

        I just don't need a recommendation for it!

      2. The original comment has been removed