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Mar 24, 2013 06:38 PM

Casual rehearsal dinner in Westchester/ Rockland for 30 ppl

HELP! I'm desperately trying to find restaurants in the mid/southern Westchester/Rockland areas that are able to host a casual rehearsal dinner midweek for about 30 people. I am definitely on a budget (hoping to stay around $30-35/pp). We were even considering family style dinner or pizza restaurants. Any ideas are much appreciated!

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  1. Emma's ALe House in Wp?

    1. How about Santa Fe in Tarrytown?

      1. My parents went a couple of years ago to a birthday party for my uncle at Posto 22 in New Rochelle and were very impressed. My mom is not that easy to please. They list family style dinners for parties on their web site ranging from $28-38 including coffee, tea and soft drinks. Bar and gratuity extra.

        1. An American Bistro in Tuckahoe might work well.

          1. Thanks guys! I'll look into all of these. One other option we were thinking is to see if restaurants will allow us to have a private room for the 30 people, but just order a la carte from the menu. Any ideas of places that allow that?